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  1. Airway Junkie

    Ambulance accident

    First make sure your not going to be a patient yourself!
  2. Airway Junkie

    If you could have anything you want on your ambulance

    DVD player in back and front. Computer with full internet access. Soda Fountain. A fridge with assorted sandwiches. Several cupholders throughout the vehicle. Bulit in GPS
  3. Airway Junkie

    Don't cut off a fire truck... it will win.

    How many of the firefighters do you suppose were wearing seatbelts?
  4. Airway Junkie

    Fentanyl suckers

    Its about time some tasty treats got put on the rigs! :P
  5. Airway Junkie

    How many lights is too many?

    This topic has certainly been beaten to death and gone off topic more than once.
  6. Airway Junkie

    Problems in EMS

    Wow, what region are you in that you dont carry that?
  7. Airway Junkie

    I did apply for an ED tech job, fancying name for Nursing Assistant, It said you had

    I understand, but a CNA's training is much different from that of an EMT's training.
  8. Airway Junkie

    Tech Bag

    Ive never heard of anything like that... Whos your agency?
  9. Airway Junkie

    Our rigs........

    Wow, look at the variety!
  10. Airway Junkie

    Favorite Scrubs quotes and favorite moments

    Kelso: "Do you know how many patients I ignored to get the high score? People died!"
  11. Airway Junkie

    How do you carry your radio?

    Right on the belt