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  1. Mtnmedic

    Doctor's Ambulance

    Falck/CARE has almost the whole shebang? Wow. It's sad. Doctor's has been a trusted, proven company there for decades. Unless there have been some issues with Doctor's meeting performance standards or something recently. Have they been laying off people? What do they have left, besides...
  2. Mtnmedic

    Doctor's ambulance application

    No. BE a pest. I've been on both sides of the desk. I've always taken a second look at people who have followed up and kept in touch with me, reiterating their interest in working for me every once in a while. You wouldn't believe the number of FLAKY applicants I've had to sift through, how...
  3. Mtnmedic

    Doctor's Ambulance

    I worked for them in the 80s. I worked with Asa Herren, the original owner at the time. I was only there for a short while. I know the family somewhat. Really good outfit, good company. Solid history, good equipment and plenty of 9-1-1. I'm out of state now but I heard from someone who...
  4. Mtnmedic

    Has anyone heard of Ameripride Ambulance?

    Really, people can say ANYTHING behind the veil of an internet message thread. It takes a long participation in a community for folks to know each other and get an idea of who's on the up-and-up, just like getting to know the guy who moved in down the street. Just do more research, talk to...
  5. Mtnmedic

    Can you be fired if you can't make it in to work due to weather?

    If a private employer, likely it's an at-will employment situation. Meaning - they can fire you for no particular reason (so long as it's no discriminatory in nature) and you can quit at any time for no particular reason. Though most businesses follow a set of procedures to ensure they don't...
  6. Mtnmedic

    Odd question: Dual state licenses - does that exist?

    I've been a medic in OR, CA, ID, WA and ND simultaneously. yeah I'm a west coast medic. Don't ask about ND. It's a lonnnng story. As long as you maintain the requirements for continued licensure/certification, most states don't care where you live (though you might have to report to them as...
  7. Mtnmedic

    Ambulance bank acc# frozen! :(

    For the OP...file a claim and take them to the CA Wage and Hour Division. Gather up all your proof that you worked for hours you weren't paid. It's a process but, in most states, payroll is one of the- if not THE- priority debts that must be satisfied in any judgment or legal action. Their...
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    Ambulance bank acc# frozen! :(

  9. Mtnmedic

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    Actually, at the risk of someone calling me an old-school stalwart… IMHO I find it annoying, inconvenient and in some cases prohibitively expensive in terms of time and money. All to achieve a staffing standard that, in some places, is already difficult to achieve as it is. We can thank AMR...
  10. Mtnmedic

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    Here is the whole enchilada, right from the Oregon Revised Statutes: 333-265-0050 EMS Provider Licensure by Reciprocity (1) A person registered with the National Registry of EMTs as an EMR, first responder, EMT, EMT-Basic, advanced EMT, EMT-Intermediate I-99, EMT-Intermediate I-85, Paramedic...
  11. Mtnmedic

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    In Oregon ALL levels of EMS providers are licensed, including EMRs. Most notably, EMRs (formerly First Responders) were "certified" until that was changed a little while ago. Furthermore, ALL Paramedics in the State of Oregon are required to possess an AA (or better) degree -of any kind- in...
  12. Mtnmedic

    In Which States is a Paramedic Certified vs. Licensed?

    Like you're that hysterical lady in "Airplane"...only you're saying: "Thank you. Please sir, may I have another?"
  13. Mtnmedic

    Funny Ems phrases

    Also for those who are just plain jerks...we recognize they suffer from a really bad malady called cerebral-rectal inversion.
  14. Mtnmedic

    Funny Ems phrases

    "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, improve our response times, we must, we must!"
  15. Mtnmedic

    Repurposed Ambulance

    The ambulance company I first worked for in the early 80s had a 1979 Chevy Suburban 4x4 ambulance. I LOVED that rig and remains one of my fave rigs to this day. When the company retired it, I bought it. One day, my dad and I swapped vehicles (I got his Nissan Sentra, which was perfect for my...
  16. Mtnmedic

    "Best" things heard in dispatch

    "AA 5-5, I'll show you enroute to (address) for a man bitten on his big toe by a poisonous fish. Fire is enroute as well." "AA 5-5...we copy. You said poisonous toe?" "Yeah. We asked the RP the same thing. Apparently he dipped his foot into an aquarium. Don't ask me why."
  17. Mtnmedic

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Back in the late 80s during a medical call I assisted on, I overheard an EMT-3, who assessed and listened to a guy who attempted to cut his wrists again in a failed suicide attempt tell him that he whenever he gets upset he does that and has been attempting since leaving NY, with attempts in...
  18. Mtnmedic

    Does your department have a web site?

    City of Antelope Fire Department: The page needs a LOT of updating as it's over a year old but I just haven't had the time to do it (I do everything else in the department).
  19. Mtnmedic

    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Michael. I'll be 50 in December. Paramedic. I live in Oregon. Fire Chief of a very small frontier all-volunteer fire department I single-handedly built the ground up from literally nothing. We're in an isolated area where the nearest aid comes 45 minutes to over an hour later. I've been...
  20. Mtnmedic

    Ambulance driver certificate

    I called. Funny, I tried to get a hold of the Alturas, CA branch, which is in a tiny rural town of roughly 1200 people near the northern border with Oregon. Usually a walk-in-and-walk-out kind of place. Apparently, DMV took out all of the local office phone numbers. Now Alturas has the same...