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    Paramedic jobs at San Diego AMR

    You will not be on ALS, those are dual medic. Fire is not in charge especially in certain cities like Chula Vista where they are just getting ALS back in the fire side. That being said, when you work as a private and interact with employees of the city you contract for (fire) you generally show...
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    Morphine vs fentanyl myocardial o2 demand

    At typical dosages of fentanyl blood pressure is minimally affected, therefore maybe reducing chest pain but not reducing the workload of the heart. My understanding.
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    SDMSE contract renewal (rural metro)

    Considering AMR lost the contract years back, I doubt it'll be purely numbers for them. Paramedic plus was looking at the bid, should be interesting. I thought they proved there was no foul play with the numbers.
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    SDMSE contract renewal (rural metro)

    Sorry was looking for an internal persoective
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    SDMSE contract renewal (rural metro)

    Whatever happened with that? Did rural lose their contract after the issues?
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    Rural Metro Interview San Diego

    Did rural metro unionize in San Diego? Does anyone know what their starting wages are? For EMT and Medic?
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    90yoF dry cough

    I didn't treat anything because the patient was asymptomatic with me, triage MICN ordered an EKG because of the PVCs, found to have a undertmined age NSTEMI, unknown what follow up care was done.
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    90yoF dry cough

    history is frequently changing, but consistency in duration 1 month, intermittent in severity, weaker than normal, today became SOB, unprovoked lasting "few moments" but resolved, EKG "abnormalities not acute frequent pvcs" per the machine, no obvious ST elevation, some q wave, no med changes...
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    90yoF dry cough

    You AOS to find a 90yoF laying supine on top of her bed fully fully dressed, per family she has had an ongoing dry cough for a month, she has seen her doctor who diagnosed it as a postnasal drip, today she had a sudden episode of SOB after lunch, family wants her revaluated. She appears to be...
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    This x2. The paramedic is in control of the scene. That means everything immediately affecting his patient(s). There was no interference, and if they're dealing with a traumatic arrest surely there are more important things to focus on than a lookey-loo 100 yards away.
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    PHRN transfer to EMT-P in other states?

    I think delegate is in regard prehospital on scene management. In the US, prehospital providers are trained rigorously to handle emergency scenes, something that could be taught to RNs, most definitely, but it is not the focus in nursing education. Paramedics are trained to turn chaos into...
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    PHRN transfer to EMT-P in other states?

    I think what Vene is saying is very accurate, as someone who has worked as a medic(FF?) and then gone on to the university level and medical school. Everyone is out here measuring their ****'s. I don't agree with the RN here or some of the medics. I bet if I met either of you I would think...
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    How much do you spend on CE?

    Classes are free, we get paid for anything mandatory, then usually try to pick up a shift right after so we hit double time ;-)
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    Defibrillating Asystole in lightning strikes?

    A direct current induced asystole would be better treated with transcutaneous pacing than defibrillation in my opinion.
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    Opinion: Should states limit entry into EMT B/Paramedic courses?

    What they should do is require greater education, which would in turn result in great levels of care for its citizens. It would self limit cause it wouldn't be 4 unit or 2 week emt program, or shake n bake medic program. Your desired economic outcomes would follow (less workers, better...
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    How do you get the patients into the ambulance?

    Do you lower the gurney all the way? then put them on? or do you lower it half way and lift them to the gurney?
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    How do you get the patients into the ambulance?

    is this a real post?
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    Southside Virginia Emergency Crew EMT stops police chase with ambulance - EMT Charged

    I like the lawyer perspective, you could go either way based on your mood
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    Soooo you THINK you know your steps to control bleeding !!!!!

    Right? On a question about bleeding control that's what one would expect. But someone's always gotta get on the soapbox. Either way the first aider isn't going to be able to figure out the difference and doesn't have the tools to treat anything accept, spurting red stuff.
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    LA County Enough is enough!!

    Honestly, IFT shouldn't really be handled by EMS. It should be more like a medical transport companies. With CPR certified attendants who can help patients administer oxygen. I mean :censored::censored::censored::censored:, a good deal of companies don't even carry AEDs. How can you call...