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  1. rdkl

    EMT/EMS Bike Jerseys?

    Does anyone know of a source for an EMT or EMS type bike jersey. This isn't something for working bike events but just rather something casual/fun to wear. I am spending a lot of time on the Mtn Bike and was looking for a shirt. If I can't find something but others are interested I may look...
  2. rdkl

    New to site

    Welcome :) I am just finding my way back after a year + of being busy and not finding time to log onto the forum :)
  3. rdkl

    I love being an EMT!

    I am still working my full time job in computers due to stock options and salary. I am definitely burned out and looking forward to when I can work full time in EMS. But volunteering as an EMT is where my passion is. Everyone I work with knows it. I'd rather be an EMT than anything else. I...
  4. rdkl

    where is everyone from

    Renting. We cant afford to buy anything here either :(
  5. rdkl

    where is everyone from

    My 3 br house in Santa Clara is 1850/mo and its nice and big with a yard. I think you need a different apt ;)
  6. rdkl

    just sayin hello

    Congrats! The wait is over!
  7. rdkl


    Congratulations. Thats awesome. Unfortunately for us out here in CA, there is nothing between emt-b and emt-p
  8. rdkl

    Hi! I'm new!

    So... where is she from? ;)
  9. rdkl

    new guy

    I tend to lurk more than post too... Welcome!
  10. rdkl

    just sayin hello

    It did not but I sure did try. The funny part is when it finally did show up I had stopped checking all the time so when I saw it I darn near fell out of my chair ;)
  11. rdkl

    what Knife do you carry on duty?

    Don't forget, this one is great for opening a beer bottle at the end of the day :)
  12. rdkl

    just sayin hello

    Hi there! I remember not too long ago waiting around for my results...
  13. rdkl

    Hello everybody!

    Hello! I too am changing careers at the age of 30. I started at 28 with my EMT course and certification but I have yet to make the career change. Right now I am content volunteering. Hopefully within the next couple of years for me... :)
  14. rdkl


    Right by you right now in Santa Clara. We've been talking about moving up to Oregon or Washington for some time. Hopefully in the next couple of years we'll make the move. We need to move somewhere more afordable :)
  15. rdkl


    I feel your pain since I live here in the bay area with you. I am in the same boat with having to quit school and thats not an option for me :( We will hopefully be moving out of state within the next few years though.
  16. rdkl

    Back from Las Vegas! And my weekend...

    Compared to you I didnt do much at all this weekend! I went atv riding in the morning saturday and spent the rest of my weekend with my new baby boy :) I didnt do anything ems related (unless you want to consider the atv riding since I did I have all my gear onboard.. ) On another note I did...
  17. rdkl

    I hate you, Comcast.

    Our local comcast sucks. I recently moved and signed up for comcast in the new place. They had to come out 4-5 times in 3 days to get me fully up and running. (this also included 2 receiver swaps) They told me they couldnt replace the drop to the house till I trimmed some trees which are...
  18. rdkl

    Saved on TNT

    My wife and I watched it last night. So far we plan to keep watching it. (its in the Tivo to record automatically) I'll need to see a couple more episodes to see if we are going to stay interested.
  19. rdkl

    Old school fire pics/etc

    I live right up the hill behind station 8. Thanks for the pics. I always love seeing historical pictures of the area.
  20. rdkl

    Calling all "Hams"

    Harliv, KD6PBM. Also tech no-code (I think since 92? Its been a while now!)