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  1. mikeylikesit

    Treating hyperglycemia on a BLS level.

    as a diabetic let me educate. a high for one diabetic may be a normal for another with poor control. 300 may be what the patient likes to keep his BS at for activities. 220 is normal for someone who works out as it is recomended so they don't crach while there exercising. high glucose can be...
  2. mikeylikesit

    Warm O2/Hypothermia PT

    ;)Dry off the patient, and the warm liquad if available is the best sine the steam warms the lungs and the liquad waarms the core. they don't even have to drink it to get some good effect from the steam of the drink. not too hot though or you got some more problems.
  3. mikeylikesit

    Rectal D50

    ideally nasally should work do to the amount of mucous membranes in that route!
  4. mikeylikesit

    first day..

    you will be great today. Everything that you learned in class has hopefully been engraved in your mind and has become a second nature by now. Be yourself you have no one to impress the only person there that matters is you ...and your patient who will be none the wiser if you take too long. they...
  5. mikeylikesit

    IV certification??

    it would be great for you to start the IV but then what? put on a lock and wait till the hospital. like most said what is the point of starting one if you don't know where to go from there?
  6. mikeylikesit

    Just putting this out there...

    if you are passionate about what you do for a living, not only for yourself but others...i'd say you are a professional in my book anyday.
  7. mikeylikesit

    things you will never live down

    I have had my belt break on a stretcher i don't know how many times. Once we were moving fast so i had to waddle to the back of the bus in front of about ten people in my sponge bob boxers.
  8. mikeylikesit

    Differentiating Heart Blocks (For Medic Students)

    Good idea but I'm stuck in my ways already. i don't know how many mnemonics i use a day.
  9. mikeylikesit

    Medic School in Denver

    St. Anthony's is the best IMHO by far, fast and furious but a great school.
  10. mikeylikesit

    Rectal D50

    Yeah i have done rectal once and it was on a longer transport....bad idea, I bet the guy felt relieved and a little dirty at the same time. anyways you can and some do but i would go oral first, and airway is much easier and more pleasant to watch than the other way.:rolleyes:
  11. mikeylikesit

    Can you push ALS drugs based off an AED's decision to shock?

    I wouldn't unless i got a readout first! Plus who am I covered by in case poo hits the fan and the drugs are bad or mislabeled?
  12. mikeylikesit

    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    I'm back baby. Long nights and months of class but I'm back and tired as ever. see you guys in the forums.
  13. mikeylikesit

    Drug Tests

    every where i have worked thus far...never got caught.;).........i'm kidding...or am I?
  14. mikeylikesit

    Coffee: What's your brand?

    Good ol 7-11. One of the top 10 best coffees in America not including the big chains!
  15. mikeylikesit

    What % of your coworkers falsify EMS documents ?

    I think that it is kind of hard to make it long in EMS by falsifying documents. Minor things like time give or take a minute is done by everyone, however once you start changing major things like vitals and history significantly it can create future problems for your department.
  16. mikeylikesit

    What is your rank or title.

    Mine is Band-aid Jockey.
  17. mikeylikesit

    What do you think?

    Do it!!! even though some military medic training will not suffice in the "real world" or civilian world take the leg up for free and get the knowledge. you may have to do the program again once you get out to meet state standards but at least you will be so far ahead of your class you can relax...
  18. mikeylikesit

    Physical requirements of EMT-B

    lol have you seen some of the EMT's and Medics out there? I work on cardio constantly because if you have a bad situation like having to perform manual CPR for 45 minutes you need ever ounce of energy you can get.
  19. mikeylikesit

    Making small talk with patients during long transfers

    I'm never too worried about getting "too far into it" with someone. Mainly because i have to ask them questions that you normally wouldn't ask a stranger anyway. I start with not hows your day because the answer is usually a smart one. I go with what do you do for a living or have you heard this...
  20. mikeylikesit

    KED or backboard only to extricate from a vehicle?

    KEDs aren't ideal for what they were designed to do. however, they do make get extraction devices for peds. and great CPR boards in the field. but like others have siad they take too long and are waay too hard to place without perfect conditons.