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    Driving Commute

    I recently got on part-time at a company that is a 1hr drive (50 miles) one way for a 12hr shift. My job search radius is 2hrs max but then for me to take a job 2hrs out the pay and hours would have to be decent enough to justify the drive time and fuel.
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    Where do you keep your pocket knife?

    I keep my pocket knife clipped in my L front pocket.
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    New NREMT Critical Failure

    +1 However, I'm aware that on the NREMT Paramedic skills sheets "Failure to manage the patient as a competent EMT" is a critical criteria. I completely agree with them on that because if someone is testing for the Advanced/Paramedic level they should be a competent EMT. It just reiterates...
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    I bought an ambulance today

    +1 When I was a kid I remember having a Lego Fire Department. Granted I'm sure that an EMS station wasn't an option then. :rolleyes: Good times
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    What kind of agency do you work for?

    On-site EMS. Private.
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    Is it who you know?

    +1 I also agree with what emt.dan said. It's about networking.
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    I`m done!! PASSED

    OP: Congratulations!
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    Medic Students!!!

    I've talked to a couple of my classmates. Some of us are going this Friday (27 April) to take the skill stations for medic. I'm excited and also nervous about it. :unsure: It reminds me of the test anxiety I had going into basic skills in 2010.
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    Just saying hi!

    Welcome to the boards. ^_^
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    5.11 Rush 12?

    I have a 5.11 Rush 24 and have used it as a jump kit (accommodated my BLS kit well) and eventually converted it to a backpack for medic school so it has become my every day bag. The Rush 12 came out later, but I've had the Rush 24 for a few years and absolutely love it. But that's just me. It is...
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    Medic Students!!!

    Well course time is complete! Now I have 138hrs of clinicals to complete, hopefully take skills exam before those are done (we are planning to go in a group), and then we get to schedule NR written. Mixed emotions. :ph34r:
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    Medic Students!!!

    Course final tomorrow.
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    Greetings from Indiana!

    Welcome to the boards!
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    Tomorrow is the day!

    Good luck!
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    Injured Paramedic Has To Wait An Hour After Ambulance Wreck

    I agree. There is always another side of the story they just haven't followed up with it. As far as the collision goes according to another local news source: “It appears that unit one (the ambulance) did not exercise due regard at the intersection.”...
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    Injured Paramedic Has To Wait An Hour After Ambulance Wreck "The patient inside the ambulance was taken away a different ambulance. But, emergency responders never returned to pick up their own injured paramedic."
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    Welcome to the forum. ^_^
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    Trying to find a job

    +1 There are quite a few openings in western and northern KY but central KY is a bit more difficult to find a position. I have multiple applications/resumes out up to 2hrs out from my city of residence. Maybe you will have more luck than I have. Kentucky EMS Connection is a good resource.
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    How long did you go between getting your certs and landing a job?

    I got my basic numbers in October of 2010. I have yet to get a job in the field but not for lack of trying (i.e. applying, networking). I decided to pursue Paramedic so I've been doing that since February 2011. Eventually I'll get a position somewhere. It's proven to be a test of patience for me...
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    Not Guilty of inappropriately touching patient

    Point taken. I will quote from your previous post as I concur with your statement.