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  1. FourLoko

    the 100% directionless thread

    I love this. Just past the one year BLS/IFT torture test. Medic around here is a waste of time and money but I'd move to have this experience.
  2. FourLoko

    What do you see right now?

    A somewhat recent favorite. Disclaimer: Photo taken before I signed the "electronic device use = instafire" document
  3. FourLoko

    the 100% directionless thread

    Why are they low on staffing? Not your fault. Too bad for them.
  4. FourLoko

    As a mature, educated, responsible, self-respecting medical professional....

    I'm pretty sure 100% of the RTs that ride with us smoke rather amusing
  5. FourLoko

    As a mature, educated, responsible, self-respecting medical professional....

    thanks for reminding me, I want to start dipping, gotta go get some
  6. FourLoko

    Employment post-termination

    We're supposed to use a backer every time. Too bad my "attendant" complains EVERY time I ask her to do it. I only ask when it's sketchy but should just make her do it every damn time. Usually the drivers that hit an object or building keep driving. If you hit a car then you usually get...
  7. FourLoko

    What are your plans after EMT?

    I wish I knew, I really need to GTFO
  8. FourLoko

    July 4th

    Working a 10, leaving pretty soon. Hoping it doesn't turn into 11.5 hours like yesterday.
  9. FourLoko

    the 100% directionless thread

    warning then watch right? are you watching?
  10. FourLoko

    EMT as a career

    You left a job I'd kill for. Not literally of course but you're nuts. As much as there are annoyances with staff, dispatch, traffic etc I still like the work. Too bad the pay is garbage.
  11. FourLoko

    Did this warrant Lights and Sirens?

    Why wouldn't you check temp before even putting the patient on the gurney? Especially if they actually admitted to a fever. On Saturday we had the opposite, hypothermia. PT temp was 94.1 and supposedly was 91 earlier that day. We went outside and called the FD.
  12. FourLoko

    EMTLIFE is addictive...

    no one uses Google+
  13. FourLoko

    You might work for a private if.....

    You're the crew that always gets the :censored::censored::censored::censored:ty rig but on this day you get the :censored::censored::censored::censored:ty one that's been gone for a while. Sure, it's fixed right. They make you drive to the fun hospital in Inglewood and you make it there...
  14. FourLoko

    Mental health, jaded or paranoid?

    Amen. We probably get a little too "excited" when we see DNRs. Within the last week or so a couple of our frequent flyer dialysis patients who were in the worst of shape finally died and we know they're much better off for it.
  15. FourLoko

    Mccormick Ambulance

    INGLEWOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!1111 You could hang out at Centinela for a day/night, hit em up when they roll in, get the scoop.
  16. FourLoko

    The Longer I Read This Website The More I Want A DNR

    Don't be silly. I'm sure you wouldn't mind being a non-verbal, vent patient shuffled to and from dialysis 3 days a week. You'll also get a fun G-Tube so you don't even have to chew any food. Somehow you'll weigh 200+ lbs. FUN!
  17. FourLoko

    Diesel fumes cause cancer

    My left arm is going to fall off from always being in the sun while driving.
  18. FourLoko

    EMT with a Phlebotomy Cert.

    We had a thread on this recently, you could try searching. Otherwise, there are ER Tech jobs around here that require it. You can also find a job drawing blood. I think they can take a while to get but if you have the time and money it might be worthwhile.
  19. FourLoko

    Powered Stretchers

    When you guys say two people, you mean one person on each corner of the cot when loading? No wonder I hate them, I always do that myself.
  20. FourLoko

    the 100% directionless thread