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  1. Martyn

    How should one dress for an interview?

    When I had the interview for my present job, all I was wearing was my underpants and socks...(I was supposed to have a webcam interview but my manager called a few minutes before the kick off to say he'd have to conduct a phone interview as he was stuck on a construction site). As I'd just come...
  2. Martyn

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Reminds me of a joke...16 y/o F with a lisp, doctor listens to her chest and says, 'Big Breaths' and she turns round and says 'Yeth, and I'm only sixthteen'.
  3. Martyn

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Had an incident the other day, employee came to my office and advised he had some of the CLR cleaning fluid splash in his left eye. I instructed him how to flush his eye with an eye bath and saline. After the second treatment he looked at the bottle next to him and asked what it was. As I picked...
  4. Martyn

    Questions on the AED

    I always remember the 4 lead placement as, when I am looking at the front anatomical plane, from top right going clockwise, as Salt, Pepper, Ketchup and Guacamole
  5. Martyn

    EMSTODAY 2020 - Tampa, Florida

    OOOHHH, might just do that...:cool:
  6. Martyn

    What does your agency ride in...

    Here's my latest 'rig'...
  7. Martyn


    My breakdown, 06:50 to 17:30, (10 hours 40 minutes a day, 42 hours and 40 minutes a week?), four days a week for $19 an hour + any overtime.
  8. Martyn

    Student paramedic dies in Burton ambulance collision
  9. Martyn

    A true hero...
  10. Martyn

    Want to support women in EMS? Paint an ambulance pink.

    This ambulance has been this color for years...the crews nickname it 'Pinky'
  11. Martyn

    Keeping it in the family...
  12. Martyn

    5 things you wish you knew...

  13. Martyn

    The joys of getting to BLS Pt's.

    Bit like a first responder saying to a dialysis pt...'Oh, you are being sick so you don't want to go to dialysis today?', put a stop to that one PDQ
  14. Martyn

    Pay Discrepancies on EMS1, Bureau of Labor Statistics?

    Even as a supervisor I am only on $12.50 an hour...
  15. Martyn

    Staying at emt level

    I have been an EMT for 6 years, now with my third company and just been promoted to county BLS supervisor so I am happy to stay as I am. I have all the responsibility I need lol.
  16. Martyn

    Long Distance

    Earlier this year I had to run lights and sirens for 110 miles...ER to ER transfer with PT who had a head on with a semi. Bilateral ankle FX right was open, four rib FX right side facial injury FX left hand possible pneumothorax. Bad fog stopped the chopper from flying. Our big rig ambulance...
  17. Martyn

    Stupid **** your partner has said/done

    One partner upon leaving a hospice patient at a hospice regularly said "Hope you get better soon" Another asked patients ALL the questions on our PCR including asking white patients if they had sickle cell anemia (before anyone says so I know those of mediterranean extraction can have it).
  18. Martyn

    You're in a C-130....

    I am ex Royal Air Force, served 3 years so yeah, I guess you are right
  19. Martyn

    You're in a C-130....

    I strongly refuse to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft, therefore I would not find myself in this situation :p
  20. Martyn

    Newb question on EMT training...

    Just looked at that link...'You do NOT need a high school diploma, GED, driver's license, or US citizenship/green card to enroll in the EMT-Basic training course and earn your certification. However, these and other factors may affect your hiring potential.' Really? You don't need all those...