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  1. olaf1988

    Any info on ALS IFT companies in So Cal???

    I can second that- just like every AMR division, there are issues, but it's a decent place to get experience as a new medic.
  2. olaf1988

    Have job offer from AMR,Liberty, and Ambuserve

    Yeah, they still run Monrovia, I think they run a couple rigs out of one station there. To the op, I'll jump on with everyone else- AMR is going to give you a lot more options than getting stuck in the IFT rodeo in LA County.
  3. olaf1988

    anything in southern cali that does not involve amr for a single role medic

    The captain that does the interviews seems to equate anything non-fire with IFT. I had to explain several times that I had experience as a first-in medic, just not with a fire department. Not a great experience interviewing there, very off-putting to have the basic aspects of your previous job...
  4. olaf1988

    anything in southern cali that does not involve amr for a single role medic

    I got the same impression when I interviewed- and this was relatively recently.
  5. olaf1988

    anything in southern cali that does not involve amr for a single role medic

    Cambria is staffed 1-to-1 and only has a few units to cover a huge area. They run 48s and have low call volume. Good place to work from the people I know who've worked there.
  6. olaf1988

    AMR Santa Barbara

    This is super helpful info- I was wondering how does it work for part-time guys up there? I have a full-time job now, but I'm looking to jump on a rig part-time to keep up my skills, do they hire part-time or does everyone have to start full-time? What is the shift requirement? Any info would be...
  7. olaf1988

    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    Aside from the bold/caps thing- did you read the thread? This entire thread is an answer to your question. Read it from the beginning, you'll see what some people know and what has been said about them, plus management response (as vague as it might be). Aside from that it seems that it's a...
  8. olaf1988

    Help with Paramedic Resarearch for a short film Project

    Just to illustrate what other have said, check this out- it's a little outdated, but the assessment and treatment is pretty accurate... Jump to 7:12 and watch from there. This is an example of a system that sends out a fire engine on medical calls as well so there's more hands on scene. A lot of...
  9. olaf1988

    Help with new job please??

    Have your partner map you to the call and then just make sure you look up where you're going before you start transporting. Seeing as you'll be doing all IFT, you should have plenty of time to map yourself (or pull it up on your phone beforehand). Don't stress too much about it, figure out a...
  10. olaf1988

    Union and EMS

    AMR Rancho is a union shop
  11. olaf1988

    Non-ambulatory EMS jobs.

    Most ER tech jobs require experience (on an ambulance usually), and the event companies mainly offer part-time employment. I looked into the theme park gig when I first started in EMS and a lot of those places also want experience. Is the hang up simply the driving? Unfortunately that is a...
  12. olaf1988

    Horizon Ambulance

    Never heard of them... I used to work in Orange County and I've never even seen one of their rigs.
  13. olaf1988

    the 100% directionless thread

    I don't see this changing anything.... This isn't going to change the way they run calls- it just restructures the command structure for EMS. From what I've seen the LAFD culture is still that being on the ambulance is a punishment, or something to tough out until they can get back on the...
  14. olaf1988

    Amr job fair Hollywood

    For those looking at going out of LA County, I hear that a ton of AMR divisions are hiring (and many are offering sign-on bonuses for medics).... Rancho, Redlands, Victorville, Goldcoast, Santa Barbara, and Riverside are all hiring I believe.
  15. olaf1988

    Odd Capnography

    Hopefully, I didn't see if he was a donor... Maybe, but this was about 3 epi's in so I'm not sure why that would have increased the capnography without any rhythm change. I've just never seen that before....
  16. olaf1988

    Odd Capnography

    Yeah, we pushed bicarb, but the change in capnography happened before we gave it.... Huh, maybe... if it was a PE wouldn't you expect to have some sort of rhythm still? Our response time on this call was about 5mins and PD started compressions even before that.
  17. olaf1988

    Paramedic school choice

    I'm not sure highly recognized should make that much of a difference- it's going to depend on what you need out of the course. A lot of places teach to the county they're in vs the National Registry, some programs are shorter (but require a lot more outside studying), some places don't place...
  18. olaf1988

    Odd Capnography

    I saw a thread a little while ago about odd capnography and I had a call recently that had me wondering about what was going on as well. Dispatched out for "syncopal", we get on scene and PD is doing compressions. Male in his 40s passed out at work, PD was in the area and arrived, started...
  19. olaf1988

    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    That website is amusing... all PR nonsense, no specifics. There are two reasons I believe Gavin is evasive in his answers: 1 he truly doesn't know the answers. He has no ambulance/EMS experience (per his linkedin- he used his real name as his screen name....) OR- 2: there's something they don't...
  20. olaf1988

    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    Okay, here’s a bunch of questions….. You stated that EMTs run 9-10 calls a shift and work 5 days a week. How many hours are those shifts? If they’re 12s then that is a 60hr week and if they’re 8s then I don’t see how they could run that many calls in a shift. You’ve stated that employees will...