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    Uniform question

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    Best 10 bucks I ever spent

    I bought this to hang in my sim Lab.
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    Arrest Resuscitation

    I've had TWO cardiac arrest fully resusciated and talking to me in the truck in as many weeks. Guy on Thursday arrested in tbe checkout line at the grocery store. Bystander CPR and 3 AED shocks had him in sinus tach when I got there. Amazing. He was asking me what happened and asked me to call...
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    Mental health

    I guess I just need to vent for a moment. I'm so sick of the stigma that accompanies any discussion of mental health in EMS. it's an embarrassment to our profession that when I try to have an honest discussion about a provider that I'm worried about I'm told "they'll get over it" and I...
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    Who's fully staffed?

    I keep hearing that there's no shortage of EMS providers, but I'm curious how many of your agencies are fully staffed. In central PA, a paramedic (who's not a Effup) can have their pick of jobs and with some negotiating skill, get a very decent wage.
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    I recently started using Kahoot with my training. I'm in the process of making kahoot decks for EMT basic, AEMT and Paramedic level training. I've used some of the games that are from other users and found various levels of quality. If you're using Kahoot, would you be interested in sharing...
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    Surge equipment & vehicle

    Curious if your department has a Surge vehicle and what you carry. Working on a project and need some details.
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    No ETI.

    I want my providers to stop intubating arrests, and you’d think I asked them to cut off their own foot. How many services are using SGAs as the first line airway for “normal” adult arrests?
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    Let me ask you about uniforms...

    What style of uniform do you wear? What style of uniform do you prefer? Polo shirts? Class B shirts? T-shirts? Ball caps? EMS pants or straight no cargo pocket uniform pants? Shorts? Athletic shoes or boots? Belts? We’ve been having an internal debate at my service over uniforms. Our field...
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    Paramedic / Field Training Officer (apply here) Paramedic / Field Training Officer Susquehanna Valley EMS Lancaster, PA $52,000 - $60,000 a year FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Summary: Susquehanna Valley EMS takes great pride in delivering high quality patient care and support to...
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    Community Paramedic

    Are any members working as community paramedics?
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    Gotta get good press...
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    CPR report card

    Does anyone here use a "CPR Report Card' to provide feedback to the providers after an arrest? I've seen a few examples, but can't seem to find them now! I'm looking for a standardized format for reporting following each arrest.
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    For EMS managers.

    For managers or supes. How do you deal with insubordination? Asking for a friend .
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    Agency PR

    How often is your agency in the news? We send a press release out almost every week. We are on TV several times a month and the TV stations now know that that can always come to us for any thing that is first responder related. This week they did a whole piece on our new Zoll X series monitors...
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    Zoll M series case

    Hi... I have a Zoll M series that I use for training only. I'm looking for a case. Does anyone have one that they'd part with?
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    Hi all: I'm building new training modules on patient refusals and AMA sign offs. If you have a good PPT or hand out, would you mind sharing with me? PM for my email. Thanks.
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    Susquehanna Valley EMS

    As some of you know, I've recently accepted a leadership/education position at SVEMS. We are in the process of doing some great things here, both in education and in the field. We're looking to be the game changers in Central PA EMS. If you'd like to join the family, we'd love to talk to you...
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    VL exclusively

    Does your service mandate video laryngoscopy? If so, how did you make the change? What drove the change? How did the medics react? Did your first pass success rate improve? What VL are you using? Can you tell I want to know everything?
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    PDP Epi Standing orders

    Hi... If you have Epi as a PDP and have a standing order for it, (not just a protocol entry) I'd like to see it.