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    Data from Lifepak

    Does anyone know of a way to get data from the Lifepak 15 to a PC. I only need a copy of the Code Summary, no need to interact with the data in anyway other then Print-to-PDF. We are going to be using a free software from the state for electronic PCR, and I would like to include the reports...
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    Electronic PCRs

    Our local service has planed to budget for Electronic Charting starting in 2012. I am starting to do some research on what is available. We have three primary units and a couple rigs for special events such as football games and races. We do around 2000 runs each year total. I am looking for...
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    I got some invites if anyone is interested, still very beta, but should be interesting. Just send a PM my way and I'll hook ya up.
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    Just wondering, does anyone happen to have a comparison of 100j cardioversion and a standard taser?
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    Bob Page presentation

    I get the pleasure of attending one of his presentations today. Should be fun. Sent from my PB99400 using Tapatalk
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    Happy New Years!

    Happy New Years to everyone out there, stay safe, and to those working the night away like me... Have Fun!
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    IV Fluid Warmer

    We are looking to upgrade our IV fluid warming capabilites, the Heating Pad isn't cutting it anymore. I have a few options I am looking at and would like any opinions someone may have on them. One ambulance we have has the Floormount type, it works but we have to keep it insulated with towels...
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    Mobile Apps

    I just upgraded to a new smartphone and am looking for some applications to put on it. It is running Windows Mobile 6.5 so pocket pc apps are what I need for it. I have Epocrates and have looked through the forums here but the suggestions are all well over a year old. I'm not just looking for...
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    Looking for thoughts on Medix

    We are looking at purchasing a new ambulance in the county i work. We are a rural area with a mixture of runs averaging 1-2 hours and 8-10 100mi+ transfers each month. The rigs are ran pretty hard over a variety of road surfaces. Currently we are running predominately Medtec boxes on ford diesel...