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  1. Slushster

    Bucks County PA Summer Job Opportunities?

    Hey guys! I have a friend who's considering getting his EMT-B certification next semester, but he's only going to try to do it based off of possible job opportunities in his home town. Unfortunately m not familiar with that area at all. Is anyone aware of with ANY job opportunities near that...
  2. Slushster

    Can EMTs administer medications while not on shift?

    Im a relatively new EMT now working in PA on a BLS 911 ambulance at my university. A few weeks ago my friend found an .3mg EpiPen at his fraternity after a party and tried to find the person who had lost it. After finding no success, he gave it to me and I tried to find the rightful owner. At...
  3. Slushster

    Rookie crisis

    Hi guys! I'm a realativly new 18 year old EMT and I've been working on an als bus for about 6 months now. A few weeks ago the medic was trying to teach me how to use the glucometer and I swabed off the area and pricked myself. In this instance and many other instances I have dealt with blood...