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    Why is it that we do what we do again?

    I wonder how many of us that is true for. I know that certainly played a part in my getting into the "business" but this last week or so I'm just not sure it's enough to keep me coming back. What is it that makes you fine with that? Or it that just something that is? Even "just being the...
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    Why is it that we do what we do again?

    Don't get me wrong, I love my job, or at least I usually do, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't, but I've had a couple of really rough days and I've been laying in bed trying to remember why it is that we put up with all the crap, and the pain and the heartache that we can see in this business...
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    EMS in NYC - ride out

    I've finally finalized the time off work and have book the tickets. I'm heading to New York, New York for a week in August! While I'm down there in addition to seeing the sights I would love to see/find out more about how the EMS system works. Whenever I travel I try to get a little bit of a...
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    Resources for EMS days at Elementary Schools (kids ages 5 - 12)

    Hey all. I was approached today by a teacher at the local elementary school looking for us to come and do a presentation to her class about what we do in the ambulance. I have a great set of resources but being that I recently moved it all got packed up and stuck into storage. We're...
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    calling in sick

    While it depends on just how sick you are, I think a lot of it also depends on where you work and how many people you've got on staff to potentially cover for you. I fully expect to be torn apart by some of our members for my choices here, but I am sure that I am not alone in my experience...
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    Hospital staff provoking psych patient

    Aside from agreeing that you definately have to be careful making physical contact with anyone, but otherwise it sounds like you handled the situation very well. I know I have steped on hospital staff members toes, and on a couple of occasions the cops, when it comes to my patients wellfare...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    As I mentioned in another comment calling medical control never even crossed my mind, but I will definately make not to remember this for future reference. Your decision above makes perfect sense. Is this a decision that your protocols allow you to make or is this a decision that you have...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    Had the monitor not told us shock advised I expect that we could have concluded that the 'blip' was artifact. Upon looking at the rest of the print out after arriving at the hospital there was definately a stretch of about six seconds of what definately looked like V. Fib. before the shock was...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    Another very valid point. Unfortunately, until our protocols can find a way to differentiate between these as well as we as care providers can, and until all providers are willing to open their minds and think for themselves this is something that I don't see changing. As someone who is...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    Great questions, and definately ones that I have been asking myself all week. Thank you for asking them, I look forward to hearing what others have to say on this front as well. A cardiac arrest is a brutal thing for anyone to go through, especially when the likelyhood of the resuscitation...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    Wow! This is why I love this forum. I figured that this situation couldn't be totally unique but despite asking around local EMS circles just got looked at like we were completely nuts. I am assuming that after the patient was called that no more interventions were being performed. How did...
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    Man Dies Outside of ER Entrance

    Sounds eerily familliar to a case that was all over the Canadian air waves about two years ago. Tried to find some articles to post links but didn't have any luck hunting them down. A man was found outside of City Hopsital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan a few minutes before the ER opened for the...
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    Questions To Ask Potential Employers

    Definately some great insight, thanks all! Here's hoping I can put it to good use!
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    I've been questioning and second guessing myself over a call that my partner and I ran earlier this week. The questions are at the very end if anyone cares to respond but does not wish to read the back story. Thanks in advance! We were called for an unresponsive patient, breathing status...
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    Questions To Ask Potential Employers

    At the end of an interview potential employers usually if you have any questions, so my question to all of you is, what kind of questions do you typically ask? What information would you consider being essential to know before accepting a position with a new service?
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    Amyl Nitrate Information Wanted

    So, I spent most of the weekend studying and going through my drug cards from PCP school and noticed that I never made a card for Amyl Nitrate. I know that I am not likely to use this drug, especially with my current service since we don't stock it, but I would still like to have complete...
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    First code

    I won't profess to even imagine the emotions that you are feeling right now, but I would encourage you not to give up on EMS, at least not right now. If you feel the need to step away for a while, take a leave. Allow yourself time to gather your thoughts once things have settled somewhat. You...
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    Have no idea what to do know

    SIAST has a first qualified, first admitted policy, which means that until you provide them with proof of all of the necessary pre-requisites, which include Standard First Aid and CPR-C, as well as some high school courses, they will not admit you to the program. I have heard of them making...
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    First code

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your father, and sorry that you had to be a part of the experience from our side. Definately one of the most dreaded tone outs of us can experience. Glad to hear that you have support from your crew and also from the fire department. I may be speaking out of turn...
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    My Christmas Time Warp

    It is pictures like this that actually make me miss what Christmas used to be. Hope everyone stays safe and is able to enjoy some time with the family (be it your biological family or the work one) today!