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    Paramedic Text Book, Ebooks, & Android

    Hello, presently I'm halfway through the Paramedic program at Ivy Tech. The class is currently using Nancy Caroline Emergency Care in the Street. I'm unable to find a ebook version of the text book. Is there another text book in an ebook format that you would recommend? I wanted something I...
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    Drugs best way to memorize?

    Hi, I`m presently an EMT-B working at a Casino. I just passed PARM 111, & moving onto PARM 112 Pharmacology. I got passed PARM 111 with a B. It was more or less review, & explaining the role of a Paramedic. Presently, I have to memorize Cardiac, & Respiratory drugs. Currently, I`m trying to...
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    Are you a member of NAEMT?

    Are you a member of NAEMT? Is it worth joining?
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    First, EMT related Job Offer(advice needed)???

    I got my state cert in March. I have just now had my first EMT related job offer. It is as EMT/Security position at a Casino. The starting pay is $10/hr I know that in the area AMR starts off at $10.90 for EMT-B. The insurance they offer is $170 every two weeks with a $3600 deductible for...
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    Students and other EMT`s on Ride Alongs?

    I have a question on the topic of ride alongs. What does the service you work for allow EMT-B students to do? Or what do they let ride along EMT-B`s do (not currently employeed with your service)? Do you mind if they ask patients questions? Vitals? Assessment?
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    Volunteer Fire Department or Red Cross?

    Just wondering if anyone is a member of Volunteer Fire Department? What have your experiences been like? Would the Red Cross be another orginization to consider volunteering for as an EMT-B? Under a natural disaster or State of Emergency is an EMT-B alloweed to function as an EMT-B for Red...
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    Long Time User First Time Caller

    I have been a member of the forums off & on for 2 years. As of tonight after having an intrest in EMS I finally past my EMT-B State writen exam. Now there is up to a 6 week wait for my cert to get here via the mail. Today was also the day I got a job as a psychatric attendant. :compulsively...
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    Indiana State Certification or National Registry?

    Which certification is easier to keep up Indiana State or National Registry? Which would be the easier exam to take? I already know which one is cheaper states only $15 vs. $125 for national. I live on the Indiana & Kentucky border. Out of the 5 local services AMR is the only one that requires...
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    EMT-B & Clinical Support Degree

    Earlier this year I had discussion going on here about Accelerated Paramedic program. However, finishing my EMT-B course with an A. It has left me wanting to know more, & learn more. I was thinking about taking the Clinical Support Degree program before jumping into the Paramedic program...
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    How to stay sharp between End of Class & State Practicals

    I rougly have a month between end of class & state practical test. Whats the best way to stay sharp on the Skills Sheet? Looking at 30 days with out being able to practice or use equipment. Rougly 20 hrs of class left to learn the 13 skill sheets. Just wish I would have been able to get more...
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    How to keep your Certification current?

    Just wondering how would you keep your certification current it you don`t work in EMS? I`m possable looking at an industrial setting after I finish my EMT-B class. Only six session left in this is semester. Since its neither ambulance or volunteer fire department. I`m wondering how to keep my...
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    Accelerated A&P I ?

    Learned from my instructors that the only real pre-requist for the Paramedic Program are Emt-b cert, & A&P I to get started. That A&P II also has to be taken at some point to. All the other classes are for the Degree Program. Which can be skipped & person can go straigth for the Paramedic...
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    Scope of Practice(Combi Tubes)?

    My emt instructor recently got back from a EMS confrence in Texas. He said there were possable changes if Indiana, excepts the new National Scope of Practice. One being no longer being able to put in combi tubes, kings, or rush airways(sorry if I misspelled anything). Just wondering how many...
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    Emt-B life(jobs) outside of the Ambulance

    In the area were I live there are 2 level 2 trauma centers. As far as emts(b, i, or p) go there totally different ends of the spectrum. One wont touch emts not even in the ER. However, actually prefers Emts over CNA in the field or Patient Care Techs. Emt can do any position a tech can, but a...
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    CPR AHA vs Red Cross?

    Just wondering which is the Prefered CPR for EMS profession? Presently I have a AHA cert in CPR. On Saturday I just took the course again as my cert runs out in December. I passed the AHA course with flying colors (BLS for Health Care Professionals). Is there any difference in the Red Cross...
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    Emt-b Security Officers?

    Originally I was taking Emt-b to enhance my skills as a Security Officer. It has definitely peaked my interest in EMS. Being in my 30`s its a pivotal time to decide were I`m going in my life. My previous Health Worker experience was wiping butts as a hospital tech in an orthopedics unit for 6...
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    How many times would you take an Intership?

    How many times would you take an Ambulance Intership? In January as long as I pass the emt-b class I can take an Intership. The Intership consist of 200hrs of doing a ride along in a semester (4 months). Up to 3 Intership can be done in a year. It stops at 3 Interships period. I may have to pay...
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    Vision requirement to drive an ambulance?

    I was getting a physical on Sunday so I could start doing my clinicals for Emt-B class. The Doc asked me if there was a vision requirement outside of a standard drivers liscense to drive an Ambulance. That got me wondering is there a special vision requirement for driving an ambulance? or...
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    What other Certs should a Emt-b get?

    Just wondering what other Certs should an Emt-b get to make the resume look better? I`m just an Emt-B student currently. I`m taking a ACLS course that my instructors recomended. They said if you don`t have that AMR won`t even consider your application as a new Emt. Any other recommendations...
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    Is trainning division .com a legitamate EMT-P school?

    I`m taking Emt-B class atm at community college. However, after I get done with the class have 2yrs of pre-requists, & then 2yrs of Paramedic class to take to become EMT-P in the state of Indiana. I was looking into Alternatives to this. A guy at work recomended trainning divsion .com. He was...