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  1. Future EMT 07

    How old were you?

    about 1 minute and 30 seconds old^_^
  2. Future EMT 07

    EMT Basic Course

    Hey everyone, I'm about to take an EMT class in the fall and I was just wondering what kind of math if any is involved with this class. Any help would be useful. Thanks in advance.B)
  3. Future EMT 07

    Help Please!!!

    Hey guys. I'm doing a high school grad project and we have to write an essay on a controversial issue that relates to our topic. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some potential topics related to Fire or EMS services. Thanks in advance.:)
  4. Future EMT 07

    About That

    well they said they were fine but i thought you couldn't refuse treatment without parental consent. I probably should have mentioned they were all 16 and none had parents there.
  5. Future EMT 07

    About That

    This past Saturday I did a ride-along with my local fire department. We got called to a rollover MVA and the kid was messed up pretty mad. They back boarded him and everything but they didn't do anything to his 2 passengers who said they were fine. I was just wondering shouldn't the other...
  6. Future EMT 07

    Just in case you live under a rock..

    wow didnt believe it at first but its on all the news sites...wish it wasnt true:sad:
  7. Future EMT 07

    Deer vs. car

    Hmmm So what happend to the driver...are they okay cuz thats pretty hardcore???:unsure:
  8. Future EMT 07

    Video... wow

    Wanna See Sumthin Really Amazing This iz really amazing...this guy lived
  9. Future EMT 07

    Who wrote EMT Life wuz here on my myspace clipboard?

    Yea...sadly im addicted to it:unsure: :P
  10. Future EMT 07

    Who wrote EMT Life wuz here on my myspace clipboard?

    I Did It!!! Haha sorry i got wuz me:P :P
  11. Future EMT 07

    Newbie on board.

    Im not an EMT yet but i will from Washington though....jus thought id share that:unsure:
  12. Future EMT 07

    Allegations against paramedics dismissed.

    yup, yup, yup i member it too:excl:
  13. Future EMT 07

    Has Anyone Delivered a Baby???

    Thats harsh:sad:
  14. Future EMT 07

    Intense 911 call

    man oh man....dont even know how to respond to that one...that's real, real sad
  15. Future EMT 07

    Pros And Cons of EMS

    Thank you all for your input. MMiz I've always wanted to work in EMS and I've always enjoyed helping people so I'm pretty sure this job would work for me. I guess the fact that ladies dig guys in uniform only helps with that choice.:P :P :P
  16. Future EMT 07

    Pros And Cons of EMS

    I am about to begin my Senior year of high school and I am required to complete a senior project for graduation. Im doing EMS and I just wanted to get some feedback on what all of you EMTs, Paramedics, etc. think are the ups and downs of the EMS system or the ups and downs of working in EMS...