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  1. Jon

    Choosing EMT course

    Hey @Nathan Silva. I don't know either of these two programs, so I don't have a strong opinion on either one. EMT programs can run a whole gamut from super good prep courses to barely adequate programs. Some things to consider - What is each school's completion/passing statistics? Is one school...
  2. Jon

    I have a few questions

    Hey @Sandiistaken123, I was not unlike you, many years ago. I wanted the coolest jump bag and best first aid kit I could have. Now? Not so much. I've got narcan in my glove box, and a handful of nitrile gloves in my car door. There's a reflective vest in the trunk, and that's about it. I do...
  3. Jon

    Student trying to learn ekgs

    I'm going to echo the other comments - there's a ton of artifact and these really aren't good tracings. Best thing to do right now is to work to get a better tracing when you obtain an ECG. Here's a great video talking about that. Side note @TomB is an inactive forum member. If you look...
  4. Jon

    Falck San Diego Medic arrested on duty

    Regarding the "arrested on duty" - my guess is that they had a warrant, he wasn't at his home of record, and so they reached out to his employer to take him into custody when he arrived for his shift. It's not great, but its not an uncommon thing when folks have felony warrants.
  5. Jon

    the 100% directionless thread

    I've missed you guys. Anyway - headed to Crash and Learn (CCT/flight conference) tomorrow. Anyone going to be there?
  6. Jon

    the 100% directionless thread

    For now... EMS is cyclical. I say this as I sit in the station next door to the first place I worked as a medic. I'm back in the area after a 5+ year hiatus.
  7. Jon

    Is riding two 10 hour shifts a week enough to be a good medic?

    I'll go a step further - what's the mentoring/clearance process at this potential job? Are you likely to be riding dual medic for an extended period of time to actually get comfortable in the role? The average medic needs several thousand hours of work before they start feeling legitimately...
  8. Jon

    Paramedic vs RN

    To split hairs, a PA PHRN has a higher scope, when on a state-certified SCT unit. OP - the answer is complicated - best to simply ask. Some states let RN's function in lieu of a paramedic or to assist a medic - legacy rules from 1970's and before. Several other states have a pathway to an EMS...
  9. Jon

    Dying patient left on apartment floor

    I agree 100%. Apparently Dr. Gallagher is/was a member of the ethics committee that reviewed the case and found his conduct acceptable. Seems like a conflict of interest to me.
  10. Jon

    Can you genuinely get Manual Vitals in every scenario?

    I echo this as well. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten spoiled by my automated BP cuffs of late - but there’s something to be said for being able to at least palp a quick pressure - and that is something I developed because of years of experience. to the OP - I’ll give you the same advice I’ve given...
  11. Jon

    Australian Paramedic going to America

    You’re an Aussie medic coming to America? hows the licensure going to work?
  12. Jon

    Happy EMS Week!

    Happy EMS Week; everyone. Sadly, not nearly as much free food this year :).
  13. Jon

    COVID & Future of EMS

    Honestly not sure there. I think it’ll help with some, but there will still be a lot of dumb stuff we move around :)
  14. Jon

    Survival Flight

    I remember hearing those stories. I think part of it likely was pilot experience, part was that conditions were different (fewer man made tall objects, and less congestion in general). Things have changed. We need to accept that we can’t continue to try to justify modern operations by holding...
  15. Jon

    the 100% directionless thread

    I can’t fathom any time in day to day fire/EMS ops where I would need or want fingerless gloves. If you’re not on a bike, and you’re not shooting, you probably don’t need them.
  16. Jon

    Scheduling software?

    Any software will require work up front to get it to work for you. I’ve used telestaff, wasn’t impressed. EPro seems to be a decent combination of price and features, and Aldatech is nice too
  17. Jon

    Ventilator Certification

    For most agencies, it’s some form of internal training, because multi-modal transport ventilators are beyond the level of initial Paramedic-level education
  18. Jon

    the 100% directionless thread

    Dude. Nothing accelerates DMAT applications. I FINALLY got sworn in last month. I applied in mid 2018. [emoji23]
  19. Jon

    Deja Vu

    Damn. Some old names here. Miss you all. :)
  20. Jon

    Maryland EMS

    Whatcha want to know? I'm a Licensed Paramedic in Maryland.... yeah. It's a license :)