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    How often do random people talk to you/say thank you?

    I feel pretty good after reading some of the post here. My service is Very active in the community we serve and it shows. I get thanked alot and Feel good about that. I was just reading thru some thank you cards yesterday at work on the bulleton board. We all should lead by example, even those...
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    things you will never live down

    Ah crap. Ok here's the story, after the first few years I realized I never once had to mop vomit out of my rig, not once, due to some fast reflexes and good antimemetics. So I always tell my emt's don't let vomit hit the floor, anticipate what's going to happen and be ready with an emesis bag...
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    NREMT few questions

    I repeated it nearly word for word as printed, after I read the chapter. Don't know, wasn't covered in that depth. I'll finish my rational later today, fire meeting to attend.
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    NREMT few questions

    Seriously, relax. I said SO FAR. Too much info at once gives too much to argue about.
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    NREMT few questions

    OK I accept. Lets start at the top. Perfusion is the supply of oxygen to, and removal of waste from the cells and tissues of the body. Hypoperfusion(shock) is the lack of the bodys ability to circulate the blood carrying the Oxygen to, and waste from the tissues & Cells. An EMT's interventions...
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    Closed threads

    If a two year old thread gets closed, then up-to-date info can't be discussed without starting another thread. Things change all the time and somtimes they return to an old practice. And most here would agree a New Thread creates frustration when it covers throughly discussed material.
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    Local ER now has Appointment Times!!! wtf

    Here's my appointment date....... <13/<32/>2010
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    NREMT few questions

    Just another personal stab toward EMT-B's(not to worry, he prides himself) Quite possibly true, but in regards to NREMT and state practicals, if you forget the o2 at the basic level, you failed. Agreed For sure, and above all in the real world.
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    New type of Traction Splint?

    +1 for doing whatever it took to get the job done by creativity. -2 for making a poor stab at a 20yr vet. paramedic.
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    NREMT few questions

    Well I have no doubt I can use the material in the last post, more than a video from you-tube. Although it is a damn funny Movie. Thanks for the discussion and debate. But it's really sad we couldn't answer the first Post request as to why we still apply o2 to a non-hypoxic patient. Or atleast...
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    Best Pranks

    Try this on a non-emergent leave of the station.......Get another garage door remote from another truck when you partner drives and hold it in your pocket. Put the door down as he is trying to put it up! then make him get out to check the door and go up with it. Act confused and play it up...
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    Scenario today.

    Personally I would have asked the people who witnessed it also. Did he land on his head? Did he get stepped on(bruising might not be present yet), previous injurys, and such. Maybe you did, I dunno. I think that relating to this fella would go along way to getting him to accept transport. "Don't...
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    NREMT few questions

    Would you say that if the blood loss was slow? But even still a garden hose will buy SOME time, wouldn't you agree? I mean we can't fix internal injurys in the feild so anything to me Is better than nothing.
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    NREMT few questions

    After some review and discussion with my mentors, I re-affirm the o2 for help in the prevention of Shock. Here's my rational. If the patient has injurys that are not found (such as internal bleeding), or other issues that may seem minor upon arrival (possibly not fully developed) O2 will help...
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    New type of Traction Splint?

    I can see both sides to this coin. Yes, for comfort, no for akwardness durin transport. But, if there was loss of distal pulse and traction recovered it, then I would want to maintain traction by some means. I did hear once of a PEDS hare trac. being used to immobilize an arm. No other info as...
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    Are we really that bad?

    The content of this post couldn't be better stated. It would be a pleasure to work with WolfmanHarris.
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    Information on typical first day on the Job

    What he said, here in Kansas.
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    NREMT few questions

    I will look at TBI and CVA, and thanks. But in the END it doesn't change what's in black and white on the paper. And I really don't want to answer for why I deviated from that.
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    NREMT few questions

    That was aimed toward Reaper. Sorry I was using a shotgun approach.
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    NREMT few questions

    What part about I DON'T Know, don't you understand? As an experienced professional(I use that loosely) you can argue it to death, but till YOU change the material they teach and print, AND fail you on during your state practicals if you forget, please stop trying. And no 02 is not...