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    A corspman at the squad level

    100% agree with the lack of resource. There’s not enough line medics on the army side at least for it. On per platoon with well trained cls person per squad is how my old unit ran it. The medical section not on the line back at HHC ran the aid station and ambulance.
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    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    All the time! I usually push dose ketamine and fent for transport.
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    Sound Off (Introduction Thread)

    Bonesaw Army guard 68w- infantry line medic for a bit 68wf2 flight medic for a bit Working civilian side going on 12 years
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    Joining the USAR as a 68w; Worth it?

    A Pretty much what every one else has said. If you go with an infantry unit in the guard you can get with a line company and run around in the woods with an infantry platoon but you are very much in the rear setting up the casualty collection point and sitting with the psg. Most of your real...
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    Does working on a bike detail/team change what you carry?

    Working a bike detail for a roadrace soon. Do you guys change what you carry from what you normally have on your person while working off of a truck?
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    EMT-B starting IVs

    +1 to this Do away with EMT-B, I, P, I89 etc... Make it Paramedic and EMT, ( Do away with basic...make EMT the scope of I, I99, advanced etc.)
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    Top 10 reasons for ER visits

    :lol: there it is
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    Hailing CMED

    guessing you are in MA. Generally- I have a : age/gender :complaining of / with etc.... : vitals : priority and ETA Depending on the person on the other end I get asked for specific things, or if I am calling from my cell if...
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    The right words

    This is huge. Had a family member arrest a while back and when we went to the house a few hours later there were sharps, lots of used gloves, wrappers from airways/aed pads/ etc around. No excuse not to pick up after yourself if the pt is pronounced on scene.
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    EMT weight lift requirements

    Don't screw around with trainers....most of them are useless. Read some info off of here.. Post your question on there and you will have respected strength competitors and coaches respond. (deadlifts are great, but don't forget about squats, cleans...
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    Boston's Walk for Hunger

    Pm details please.
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    Does it matter if a uniform has a badge or not?

    Rhode Island State Police ( that will earn you a major gig ;) )
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    Physicians on Scene at Boston Marathon

    There are several medical tents after the finish line staffed by B.A.A. physicians, RN's PA's Medics.. etc. There were also Boston EMS trucks all over the area for the detail. First bomb went off 100-125 yards away from the medical tent so they were able to be on the scene within a minute...
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    concealed weapon carry

    edit- If we are talking about ccw and not open carry on a duty belt set up I am all for it, it is an issue if it's out in the open and visible to pts/bystanders etc..... Concealed is concealed and all of that....
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    Pulse or AAA?

    Saw a thread about this topic and it got me thinking... I have seen/felt a pulse on those ridiculously skinny people before. If there is a true AAA, will there be a noticeable difference between that and a normal pulse?
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    Critically Sick/Emergent

    +1 Great example
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    You might work for a private if.....

    :rofl: All the time!
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    Paramedic training in Standish , Maine

    Anyone on here attending this class starting in March?
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    EMT student please help!!

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    EMT student please help!!

    It helped me a lot to take the multiple choice quizzes that are on the cdrom with the brady book..... then you can instantly see where you are making mistakes and how they present the questions/answers etc. Also, in my class we would take a 25 ques quiz every day, then go over it as a class...