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    Dozens Ignored a Man Dying on a Sidewalk in Queens, NY

    this is also known as the bystander effect or pluralistic ignorance, learned in psychology, so generally speaking, can't really blame ppl for not helping bc it's human nature and the mechanisms that underly why ppl don't help is very complex
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    EMT pay

    medreach ambulance in rancho dominguez, ca pays 10/hr starting
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    Event EMT/Volunteer EMT in SoCal?

    pasadena fire dept has volunteer emt program, search it on google
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    Any Good Decent Companies in LA County?

    try MedReach Ambulance, in Rancho Dominguez i heard they're hiring, u start off as an attendant $10, driver $11, good staff good emts
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    Can you use your EMT Work hours towards PA school

    sure you can but u should be an attendant, emt is good for pa school, that's what i did to get in :)
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    dealing with anxiety and stress

    hi, i totally understand how you're feeling. although i didn't have same responses, i was nervous abt passing the course n the NREMT try to study a few chapters each day until the final, straight memorization wouldn't help much instead try to understand why things happen and why some certain...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    if a pt on a gurney fell on ground bc gurney tipped over n only injury was scraped knee, how likely would there be a lawsuit?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    has anyone ever dropped their patient accidently, if so, what happened?
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    "TRAUMA"...It's Back!!!

    i really enjoy it, good drama, hope it stays longer
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    our class had about 40 ppl, at the end of the course (3 wk program), about 38 ppl, most passed
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    First day on the job tomorrow

    ask questions whenever in doubt and have fun
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    Health Care Reform

    check out, it gives the breakdown of how healthcare will be financed in the upcoming years like many, i agree that quality healthcare is a human right, but like every law/legislation, there's always oppositions and side-views but this time congress and president...
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    would I be able to work as an EMT in college?

    yes, i work part time, one day out of the week and my supervisor is nice and understanding about me being a full time student, just a little advice for you, get adjusted to college first before working bc college classes are fast paced, get a planner and plan ur schedule in advance to let your...
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    Balancing School and Work

    try medreach ambulance in rancho dominguez, ca
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    New EMT, Ambulance Companys?

    medreach ambulance in rancho dominguez, ca is hiring
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    why did you join ems?

    I wanted to gain health care experience so I can be a competitive applicant for PA school and I got in!!
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello Everyone, I'm still a newbie EMT, been working part-time for 6 months now in LA county for BLS ambulance company. I enjoy working as a EMT but still find lifting difficult but I'm trying my best. Thanks to the EMS field, I just got accepted to PA school. I learned the good and bad about...
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    LA County Cert

    i registered w la county too, after live scan the ems county has to process your info and then they'll send ur la county card, i think it took 2-3 wks but i forgot exactly how long, after you get county card, you need la city card, which is another process
  19. S you use Pandora Radio, and if so, name three of your channels.

    NPR (National Public Radio) is a great past time to listen and learn
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    the 100% directionless thread

    what do you guys like most about being an emt?