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    Sound Off (Introduction Thread)

    Joeshmoe Marine Corps Field Radio Operator (MOS 2531) 1993-1997 Basically put up with 4 years of stupid f*ck f*ck games and Marine Corps bullsh*t, except for Operation United Shield where they let us off the leash for a short time in Mogadishu Somalia.
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    What can I do to prepare?

    If you are motivated and have the time, take an A&P course at a community college this summer, assuming you qualify(Unlike EMT school, A&P has actual pre requisites). If you cant take a course, at least acquire a used text book and read through it. You could also buy your EMT text book early...
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    I have a decision to make - looking for advice

    Its not like you would have to give up pre hospital EMS if you pursued Nursing. Even if I was only interested in a career in EMS, I would still get a Nursing degree before I would get a degree in EMS, as it will open up more doors for you in both EMS and the broader medical field in general...
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    Advanced EMT

    Ive heard that about Georgia, but apparently they are the only ones still training people to be EMT Specialists these days. The ALS companys around here all have Basics working with Paramedics, or on some calls 2 paramedics working together. There are some EMT specialists, but these are...
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    Do's and Dont's for an EMT internship?

    Ive never heard of an EMT internship. Are you referring to EMT ambulance clinicals? Some people refer to them as ride alongs, but that wasnt really accurate for my school, since we didnt just get to "ride along". We were expected to act as an actual EMT Basic on calls, and aside from...
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    What can i do with a phlebotomy cert?

    If you got money and time to waste, it wouldnt hurt. It might make you marginally more employable as an ER Tech, but thats about it. They would most likely require you do their own in house phlebotomy training if hired. Patient Care techs on other units like Med/Surg also do blood draws, but...
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    civillian vs military trauma treatments

    I dont think the civilian world should go too far emulating military medicine, at least as far as EMS is concerned. There seems to be a mistaken belief that being a medic in the military means youve seen it all. In reality, a civilian EMS provider probably sees and treats a much greater variety...
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    Advanced EMT

    So whats the deal with EMT intermediate/Advanced EMT/EMT specialist training and licensing these days? In Michigan I see no schools offering training for anything other than EMT-Basic or Paramedic, nothing in between. I plan on going to Paramedic school when the time, living situation, and...
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    I have a decision to make - looking for advice

    I would go for a BSN in Nursing, opens up a lot more job opportunities and better pay, and will give you a better medical education overall. EMS is a massively overcrowded field with horrible pay. Yeah the job is relatively easy, but theres not much chance for advancement in it. After you...
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    Stethescopes and mild hearing loss

    I have hearing loss and tinnitus courtesy of the Marine Corps that makes it a struggle, but I manage with lots of practice. I'll probably end up buying a special stethoscope if it gets any worse.
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    Immature EMTs

    Behavior like this is why many health care providers dont consider EMTs to be health care professionals. In the hospital I work at everybody helps out with patient care. As a PCT if I need help doing something with a patient and respiratory is the only one available at the moment, they will...
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    Is EMS your only job/What did you do before EMS?

    I should add that those that went into EMS right out of school were the smart ones, and learned the job when it was easier to absorb and remember things. My brain nowadays is more like a sieve than a sponge. So I didnt mean to put down people whove only worked in EMS.
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    Is EMS your only job/What did you do before EMS?

    I've done a lot prior to EMS. 4 years in the Marine Corps as a field radio operator, worked construction, heavy equipment mechanic, auto mechanic. Currently I also work as a PCT in a hospital, and plow snow in the winter. I wish I would have gotten right into EMS out of highschool instead...
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    Civilian Medic to Corpsman

    If you are looking to get additional medical training by being a Corpsman, I doubt you're gonna learn much more than a Paramedic would know. I think the level of training a Corpsman has is more like an EMT Intermediate, minus the ECG stuff. Of course my experience was with Corpsman who served...
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    How long does EMT-B Certification take?

    EMT classes typically last a semester, going to class 2 or 3 times a week. In the summer there might be accelerated classes where you go to class more often and youll be done in less time. Ive also heard of dodgy 2 or 3 week "bootcamp" courses, but these are rare and are only offered in a few...
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    Newbie Question

    I dont know that I would call a RR in the upper 20s extremely high, although it is higher than normal, and could simply be the result of the patient being scared or excited. Whether or not you would assist respirations with a BVM depends on other factors as well. You obviously wouldnt...
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    Are you kidding?

    If you're talking about the NREMT computer based exam or written test, I wouldnt sweat it, just use this time to go over your text book and maybe even study some other sources of information and take some online practice tests. If you keep a study routine you will only be even more prepared when...
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    Lpn vs medic school

    Most RNs seem to have a little greater depth of understanding of human anatomy and physiology, disease pathology, and pharmacology than paramedics. This is because going to school to be an RN is more academically rigourous and covers a wider range of topics if we are talking about the bare...
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    Lpn vs medic school

    Aerin-Sol My state CNA written exam was a joke. I could have possibly passed the exam without even having taken the class, using common sense alone. However the practical exam was another matter. It was pretty much on par with the NREMT practical exams for EMT basics, only with even more...
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    Lpn vs medic school

    Happy......In my state anyway, LPN's cannot retain their CNA or work as a CNA once they get their LPN license. As an LPN student, yes, but the moment they get their license they can no longer work as a CNA. I assume the worry is that they will exceed their scope of practice as a CNA, but Im not...