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    Lenoir CC vs NMETC Online Paramedic

    Most of them, from my understanding, allow you to take the NREMT in that state, then once you pass you receive the NREMT-P card and you can take that to any state, such as California, to get your licensure.
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    Lenoir CC vs NMETC Online Paramedic

    Upon being sent an updated information packet by Lenoir, they now require four campus visits of 6 days each, Monday through Saturday. NMETC also now requires two visits. The first is 10 days long, 12 hours per day, which takes place at the end of the first 10 month didactic period. The second...
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    Age limit to becone an EMTB?? Too old?

    There is no maximum age limit, so long as you're able to do the job. Keep in mind, EMT work is a lot of lifting. Lifting equipment, lifting gurneys, and lifting patients. If you're unable to physically do the job due to age, then you're too old. If you can do the job, then you're not too...
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    Lenoir CC vs NMETC Online Paramedic

    First off - I know there are many threads regarding Lenoir CC, PERCOM, and NMETC hybrid paramedic programs. I've read pages and pages of these posts and have received a wealth of knowledge from these posts. I am currently a police officer looking to get my paramedic to one, work on the side as...
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    Phoenix Area Employment

    Too far from home in California and I have family in the Nevada/Arizona area, so I'm not really considering Texas. Thanks though, I've heard they have a great EMS system.
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    Video: EMT Acceptance Letter Reaction

    Eek, 40,000 for a medic is rough for Hawaii.
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    Orange County 911 companies. CARE, McCormick, or Doctor's?

    Well, I was notified by McCormick that they are no longer hiring and my name will be added to the list and contacted once openings are made available again.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    My PSGT did that when I was in the army...tried to tell me to suck up leg pain...a week later, when I couldn't walk, I went to the hospital and found out I had a femoral neck fracture. Admitted to the hospital and had surgery the next morning!
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    the 100% directionless thread

    You had to have been in the military. That's all they used to tell us in the Army...if something was hurting, you were sick, broken,'s because you weren't hydrated and needed to drink more water. Although a fresh pair of socks, especially when out in the field, does feel amazing.
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    Autopilot to the rescue

    I saw this article too on a different website...interesting, glad it worked out for him, but probably not the smartest decision for his health. What were to happen if he went unresponsive? The car would just pull up in front of the hospital or what?
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    Video: EMT Acceptance Letter Reaction

    Not going to lie, didn't watch the whole video because it's long lol. But congrats! How long was your EMT class out there? I heard Hawaii's EMS licensing it totally different than other states.
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    Video: EMT Acceptance Letter Reaction

    I was like, you're wearing a hawaiian shirt to an interview? Then I realized you're from hawaii. Lol!
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    Why did you choose to become an EMT/Paramedic ?

    My two interests were law enforcement and healthcare. Started with law enforcement because my dad was a police officer. After 6 years in law enforcement, decided to leave for various reasons. Running medical calls with the FD were always the highlights of my shifts. Seriously considered...
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    NYC Paramedic VS Law Enforcement? help!

    I'm in California, but I've spent the last 6 years in law enforcement, with experience in the jail, courts, and patrol. Here, the Sheriff's Department covers the courts, jails, and certain contract cities for patrol services. So with the Sheriff's Department you have the ability to do all...
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    Starting EMT School this Fall!

    Flash cards...if you don't already use flash cards for studying, now is a good time. Read ahead of time, make flash cards, and study throughout the class. If you only study what you're currently learning, you're going to forget stuff from earlier in the class and you're going to be hurting...
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    Paramedic Programs in Phoenix Area, Need Info!

    Hey everyone, I'm considering a move to the Phoenix area and have been looking at some of the paramedic programs available. I was really impressed with Glendale Community College's program because they have a cadaver lab, something I haven't seen with other paramedic programs. Shoot, I was...
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    Phoenix Area Employment

    Hey everyone, I know this has been touched on before here but I was wondering if anyone has any up-to-date information on hiring in the Phoenix area? I know AMR has been moving in and taking over (or so I've read), but the last information I found on here was that they were taking apps but not...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hey there, I'm new to the forum, have had my EMT-B for almost a year now. I live in Southern California but am seriously considering a move to the Phoenix area. I'm an Army Veteran and entered law enforcement afterwards as a police officer. I worked in law enforcement for about six years...
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    Orange County 911 companies. CARE, McCormick, or Doctor's?

    Thanks a ton for that information...don't mean to revive an old thread, but I'm in the same boat - I haven't started at either company yet as I'm finishing up the process with both, but they both gave me the same tentative start date. Care is closer to (I live in Orange County) but I heard...
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    Do you guys get sick/catch more viruses stomach viruses ect since working

    I worked in the hospital for several months before seeking employment on a rig. I thought being around sick people constantly that I'd get sick easily, especially when I was new. Never got sick. Practice good hygiene.