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    Hello from Tucson, Arizona :)

    Not in AZ. Southwest ambulance (aka Rural/Metro) is the big one (and serves the Tucson area). They have a no-ride along policy. I know because I tried when I was in EMT class. Most FDs have rules on how many times per month/year you can but in general allow it.
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    Etmc ems

    Don't know much but had a question for you. I applied for the Tyler opening too. What was your timeline to get hired like? I applied over a month ago and just yesterday got asked to fillout the online questions (the agree/disagree ones).
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    to those who know about radios...

    If you're looking for one on the cheap there is this one: Or you could head over to they sale used ones Ebay style.
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    Curious about CPR guidelines in Arizona

    There are some depts. doing CCR (no breaths). I think Tucson Fire is one of them. It's be no means the whole state and state EMS office is part of the program, so thats how they are "getting away with it" per say. Some interesting reading...
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    Anatomy on NREMT-B?

    No, I'm not serious - it was a total joke, I was making fun of the instructors. I fell you should know it and much more. Teaching to pass the test for EMT or anything is wrong, sadly, it seems to more and more common in school today.
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    Anatomy on NREMT-B?

    My thoughts too. Why worry about any of it, almost everywere around me it's a EMT/Medic ride. Just reply on the medic.:rolleyes:
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    Anatomy on NREMT-B?

    There are no true A&P questions per say. The test covers (straight from the NREMT website): airway, cardiology, trauma, medicine, OB/Peds, and Operations. However A&P as part of one of those areas is far game (and I had a decent number of A&P type questions / questions with A&P as part of...
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    No, apparent life threats comes just before ABC on the skill sheet, and I said my partner would control some bleeding once before I said I was doing ABCs and I passed the skills...
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    Radios and pagers going off in public

    Before my service had pagers for everyone, we would carry our radios (they weren't that big like XTS5000 we have now) and we'd change the channel to "recall" which would be toned if they needed us. It happened once in a upscale resturant. However, they only toned that channel when it really hit...
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    NREMT Re-cert Question

    It depends, is this your first recert? It is maybe yes maybe no on the lapse. I would talk with a medical officer that is the CO (and your CO) for those who do work in a medical capacity. Being an EMT is a skill I could see being used as an infantryman, much like combat life saver. If the a...
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    Personal EMT bags

    Correct, medical O2 is an Rx item. There are ways around this for emergency use. However going that route as an EMT and using it when working is walking a thin line (and the fact that'll be really hard to get it refilled without the Rx).
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    NREMT Re-cert Question

    There are lot of EMT-Bs working hospitals as "Techs" or a similer title. If they require you to have your EMT and you provide any form of care that is the EMT-B scope, than I would say you're good to go.
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    50/50 pass or fail. It's hard to say with the NREMT test because it "learns" as you go. Mine stopped in the low 70s and I passed.
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    Recertification by exam

    Most states that use NR only use it for the test. Both AZ and TX are that way. You take the NR test and get a state card but after that AZ only requires a refresher class and TX has several options CE / Refresher Class / OR NR test again. The only times you have to have NR is if you in LA...
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    Recertification by exam

    Are you working at the moment? If not than you have to go inactive. If you're working for the Forest Service at the moment, than give the LEs a call. Chances are one of them is the EMS Coor. for the forest and can help you out.
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    Fla. Paramedic Opens Heart Attack Themed Restaurant

    I really like the idea. I've eatten at the one in AZ, and it's good and great service^_^ However, I have to say, this is the one thing I don't agree with.
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    Transport Company? or stay where I am now?

    Some questions to think about. What do you want to do long term (and not like in the next 6 months, think 2/5/10 years from now, which choice will lead you closer to it) (ER, 911 Service, Fire, Police, Car sales man :P, etc.) Which pays better and/or can you take a pay cut and still live ok...
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    In the morning

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    In the morning

    Same here, I had a question or two were it was the same basic idea. I kind of put on my money on the idea that one was the "real" question and the other was the "test/pilot" question that does not count.
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    In the morning

    Good Luck, I took mine on a Friday with Monday holiday, got cut in the low 70s, and had to wait 3 1/2 days to find out (rest of Friday and the 3 day weekend) it was a killer to wait :wacko: