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    What's in your personal EMT bag?

    I'm just an EMT and I have a master cardiology. Why? Because I have hearing loss. And for some dumb reason, I need a Rolex to hear.
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    Patient's last wish

    I have seen it in movies but thankfully have never had to encounter it. If you had a patient confess a big secret, that they wanted you to tell someone, would you? I would not. I may smile and nod, but the living survivors are grieving, death is hard on the living. Maybe it would...
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    Notetaking during a call

    Notepad here
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    question about medical id bracelets?

    I sit on my patients right hand side also. Every ambulance I've worked on has the equipment on the drivers side. Which with the patient facing backwards is the patients right side.
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    Street vs. Book

    Look around the house. Notice placement of furniture, smells. .. cleanliness etc. You may have a social worker contact you about living conditions or may want to call adult or child services about conditions in the home. Sometimes in the winter with a parka on, you don't realize the elderly...
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    Supine Position for women in labor with ROM (rupture of membrane)

    No, I would have been able to handle my legs straight out, or even with the knees slightly bent. No way. And what did a back board have to do with it? Unless mom fell off a cliff to rupture her membranes, she's not getting one..
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    Supine Position for women in labor with ROM (rupture of membrane)

    Oh heavens, no way will you strap a woman down on her back in active labor, and no longer is it the norm to be on their backs. Usually it is more upright, squatting. As a woman who has delivered 3 children, you would have much better luck transferring me sitting straight up, on my side fetal...
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    Supine Position for women in labor with ROM (rupture of membrane)

    Left side is best if mother isn't arguing with you! I would allow position of comfort. As for prolapse. Hips up on pillows! Use hand and fingers to lift head off cord.
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    Liability for EMT-B Without Medical Direction

    Yes, just because you take a class doesn't show "proof" of your qualifications.
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    Liability for EMT-B Without Medical Direction

    First, you don't have proof you have the knowledge and skills. Second, even an EMT can render basic first aid,just like anyone else who can apply a band aid, just not really anything above that without medical direction. As for legalities, call a lawyer.
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    question about medical id bracelets?

    Being a female, you have a lot of options in bracelets, they have very pretty ones out there. It would also benefit to tell your instructors and a few trusted classmates and ask them not to call unless it goes on for such and such amount of time.
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    EMT Accessories

    I have a master cardiology due to hearing loss, bug my daughter, a fellow EMT and nursing student has a Select 2 and loves it.
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    What defines a high volume/busy system?

    Depends on how many trucks you have and staff you have. You can run 600 calls a year with 10 staff and be busy. 1200 calls with 50 staff and be slow.
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    Ways for an EMT to make extra money

    They don't call it an aide, but a paid companion. I think calling it an aide makes it sound like you are providing more care than you are
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    Ways for an EMT to make extra money

    Home visiting the elderly is beginning to get big in my area. It is paid for by someone, not sure, but you provide shopping, light cleaning or whatever they want. Sometimes it is just playing a game of cards. I would feel weird taking money for that, but they do pay and really like people with...
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    Why does EMT level of care exist?

    We usually do not have a medic with us and get one upon request of the EMT. You can't do opa or NPA? Well luckily you can assist medics in much needed care. Here, an EMT can do those airways, KING airways, bgl, a few medication assists, 12 leads, cpap, o2, pulse ox, etc. . A bit more than...
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    What IS the role of the AEMT?

    We do not have any on our squad but would love to see some. Emtb can no longer monitor iv fluids. Which sucks in our area due to a lot of IFT. So our few medics can be tied up transferring a stable pt. Most of the time the hospital with put a hep lock in but not always .
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    Ellenville EMT breaks rules to help 4-year-old

    Seems to be more to the story than what is on here
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    Working Christmas Day

    I'm on now and tomorrow. I volunteered it. I'm posting from home right now. Only a few blocks from station. If I get called out, spouse can finish up here. So far we teamed up with fire and delivered about 500 thousand gift cards to families.
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    What would you do in this situation?