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    new WMS research : c spine protocols

    If I remember right, it all started with some study from Canada. I think the name of the article was "Fit to be Tied" but I don't remember where or when it was published.
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    new WMS research : c spine protocols

    Nope. We use 8 or 9 straps now but some want to switch to spider straps and just trying to document our decision.
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    new WMS research : c spine protocols

    I need help settling an argument. How many straps are REQUIRED on a long spineboard? Citing your source would be great!
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    Volunteer EMS needs to become non-existent.

    Dang. I wanted to sign up for a Volunteer Medic Class.
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    Worst names for an ambulance service...

    Near us there is a "Forrest Fire Department". Sounds weird when they get paged
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    Your Experience/Time in EMS

    Don't forget the leeches and blood-letting. 30 years in July. That should help get the average up. :)
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    Fell asleep and got caught.... oops

    Here is my employers 'napping' policy. If the railroads can work something out, EMS should be able also. 1.11 Sleeping Employees must not sleep while on duty, except as outlined under Rule 1.11.1 (Napping). Employees reclined with their eyes closed will be in violation of this rule...
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    Big Ambulance!

    I haven't seen any comments yet about the color. Maybe that's why they have so many sirens. Sneak up behind them and then blast away with all four. It does seem like an unusual choice when you would think they would go for something hi-viz.
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    Completed - EMTLife Maintenance - 1/18/09 - 10 PM EST

    I don't think it was scratching your eyes out that did it. Didn't your mother ever warn you? :)
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    Bludgeoning and sniping.

    I would never castigate someone. That is an ALS skill. :P
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    Nothing special, but exciting to me none-the-less

    I believe the class is called "Use of Indigenous Resources".
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    Reflective Vests on the Highway - 23 CFR 634

    Does anyone know how to get the actual ANSI/ISEA standards without having to buy the whole thing? We have winter gear that meets the 207-2006 standards but are looking for summer vests. In particular, do they have to have to sleeves? I have heard it both ways but I prefer to go to the source...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Biscuits and mustard. Ummm.
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    The "Whats Your Name" Campaign

    My guess is that it is: Tyler DeKrey NREMT-P CPR/BLS Instructor
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    What the...?

    Kind of odd don't you think? How many times in a week would a normal person fall on their face?
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    Blood Pressure - Even Numbers or Any Number?

    Next question is: When was the last time you calibrated your manual cuff?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    It's Wisconsin. Liquor isn't allowed on Sundays, it's REQUIRED.:) Go Pack
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Arabian Proverb said: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
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    the 100% directionless thread

    This thread needs a theme song. How about The A.D.D. song by Sean Morey?
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    Watches - Digital vs Analog

    My 'real' job.