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    Getting (and staying) Fit

    Changing your lifestyle is the most important thing. You aren't going to want to be on nutrisystem forever, so it will be important to learn new ways to cook, and new recipes that are both nutritious and good tasting. It can be especially hard in EMS; I try to pack a few small meals for my...
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    Finally got the job! But feel overwhelmed.

    Don't forget that everyone you're working with went through exactly what you're currently going through, too. You've probably heard it a million times that your EMT class prepares you for a job that doesn't exist. Stay calm, ask questions, and if you screw up own up to it, learn from it, and...
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    I've Been Served!!!!

    Wow, that is preposterous! It sounds like this attorney is trying to open Pandora's Box. If this kind of thinking is upheld, where do you draw the line? How can you possibly even know what an unconscious person's religious beliefs and customs are? You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope...
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    call from when i was in basic school

    The family is embarrassed to tell you that their 30 year old son is an alcoholic and this is alcoholic ketoacidosis? Any noticeable smells?
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    call from when i was in basic school

    Maybe I'm confused here, but how come a 30 year old is living in an elderly community? Is he staying with relatives, or is there a medical reason, ie, is this a nursing type facility? I know you said no medical history, but I am hung up on this part. And if there's no medical history, is there...
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    I'm just not enough

    I once read a quote on a thread on this site, I think by firetender, that changed the way I think about my role within EMS. He said, "we are participants in life's longing for itself." What an amazing process to be a part of! Sometimes the things we do have incredible outcomes for the patients...
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    NREMT vs State Cert. Who Uses What

    Same thing in Ohio.
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    National Exam next weekend and clinicals tomorrow night !!!!!

    In my opinion, you can't really cram for registry. There is such a wide range of material that is fair game for the test. Also, registry is set up to make you second guess yourself. You need to study the assessment process that is in your book. It's important to know the flow of things according...
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    EMT-I '85 dilemma - moving & medic school

    I am going to dovetail on your thread because I am in (kind of) the same situation! I'm a Basic in Ohio looking for employment options. Right now I'm working for a very small town fire department where we just first-respond to medical calls, and part-time for a hospital based EMS service that...
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    Is it a bad choice to train to become an EMT/Paramedic then work into being an RN?

    Sometimes you can find specific paramedic to RN programs, so you wouldn't necessarily have to start from scratch when/if you decide to make the transition. I know there are a few around here.
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    Burnout rate

    Is it a financially rewarding career? Most people would probably answer no. There are a lot of variables that come into play, though. Are you tied to a particular geographic area? If so, what is the average pay rate in that area? Rate of pay can vary by HUGE amounts depending on where you are...
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    Cardiac Arrest. Your first time..

    Excellent post. I had my first code a few days after I got my certification. It was winter and just after a very heavy snowfall... we were called to a VERY large 50-something female who was outside laying on the snow and unresponsive. She had her shovel still in hand and a little path that...
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    PT Music

    Lots of Rancid, Operation Ivy, Metallic... a few of my favorites for running with my iPod: Remedy - Hot Water Music Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke Empire State of Mind - Jay Z 1901 - Phoenix Never Alone - DKM Wish - Run Lola Run soundtrack Wake Up - Arcade Fire TV Party - Black Flag How You Like...
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    Trouble with class/instructors

    When you take registry, you are going to have questions like the one you listed about the greatest threat to females age 40 to 60. Think about the question. As a previous poster stated, you have to think about it as it relates to your job as an EMT. Menopause may be listed in your text as the...
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    What was your experience being the FNG?

    Realize that it might be a slow road until you really feel like you fit in, and be patient. I think most of the time people want the new person to fit in as much as you, the new person, wants to fit in. But before they get all buddy-buddy with you they're going to want to know that you're not 1)...
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    What antics from teachers do you hate the most?

    Yeah, the berating students for making a mistake is pretty asinine in a classroom setting. One of my lab instructors for my EMT-B seemed to derive enormous amounts of joy by doing this, because it was a constant. That kind of attitude sort of just sours the learning environment... The worst...