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    jb learning

    Before spending money, I'd always suggest going to your local library. Also, most universities (and probably some community colleges as well) have free interlibrary loan programs, which can often get you great study resources for free. No need to spend your hard-earned money unless you know...
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    DNR Prescription Pad?

    Did it meet all the legal requirements for your state for a DNR? (e.g., signatures by both physician and pt, etc.) If so, it's a legal DNR order, right? Since that seems like a strange way of doing a DNR, I'd probably want to check with medical direction before refusing care. If the DNR on an Rx...
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    Starting to teach the First Responder Course

    As others have stated, consider what their needs are. This is likely to vary by where you are (geographically, climate, etc.) and what your students will be doing functionally (security guard? police officer? recreational supervisor? event staff? youth camp director? aquatics manager?). I worked...
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    How do you know

    Does Rid have the psychometric data/methods? I'd be interested in hearing exactly how this adaptive CBT was written, what psychometric tests were used, how points were assigned, and how the pass criteria were determined (since they avoided using normative data according to the NREMT website)....
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    All this talk about bad schools

    From the description, it sounds fine. The min 70% std and similar "automatic fails" are pretty typical. My program req'd a min 80% on every test to pass. The clinical hours seem a bit low (only 8?) but all-in-all, it's probably a decent course. Good luck!
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    what should i expect on my first emt-b class

    How do you "rank" people on the AHA written exam? It's all common sense.... Most people should get nearly perfect scores after attending the class. Now, if we're talking about the skill test, that might be less so, although most people do fine during the class (they just forget it all later).
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    Taking Blood Glucose - Scope of Practice

    True, although some may choose not to reveal themselves to avoid taking on liability. While it's quite sad, with medical malpractice such an issue, a physician lacking any advanced tools may feel fairly uncomfortable about trying to assess a pt in-flight and deciding upon whether or not some...
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    does anyone have any experience with this book?

    Doesn't this fact indicate a problem with said tests? I have certainly experienced this myself but to me it indicates a failure of the test-writer not of the student. (Psychometric validity would agree with my proposition that this indicates a failure of the test as well. Item validity would be...
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    NREMT Exam...

    You should have missed several since that's how a computer-adaptive test works. In theory, the have pinpointed your score when you miss every other question, so as long as you were getting at least 50% of the questions right when they were asking you questions at the passing level, you would...
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    lol.... did the instructor still pass her? sometimes, I've noticed, some BLS instructors will pass anything with two legs and at least one arm for doing CPR....
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    Failure of students is rarely the educator's fault, so I'm not quite sure I get your clarification that "educators will seldom lose >20% of students." Students are responsible for whether they succeed or not. A good student will succeed in spite of poor instruction not because of average or...
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    It could also tell you students weren't well-prepared for the course. Many freshmen who get into college fail a class or two b/c of a lack of study skills, discipline, etc. It doesn't surprise me that a certification course with zero prereqs and often no application would fail so many students...
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    How many survived your EMT class?

    Mine started around 25-30 and ended up around 15-20. Our attrition was actually quite low compared w/ most in the region (which have about 50-70% attrition rates). I believe, though, that everyone who got through the entire course (in my class) passed. I don't believe anyone actually failed...
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    trouble with trauma assessment

    Practice, practice, practice. The trauma assessment really is quite simple -- 4 easy steps: 1. Walk in and say the 6 things before the initial quickly (use your hands and count 'em if needed -- scene safe, BSI, # pts, MOI, ALS, c-spine) -- maybe 15 sec at most 2. ABCs (B--give O2, C--check...
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    Chrissy, might I suggest that if you're going to go for med school (or PA school) you just go for it? As a previous poster stated, 26 isn't too old to enter med school, although it might make more sense to go for PA if you don't want to be getting done with residency in your mid-30s. One...
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    Please help me help my EMTB students.

    New here but been a lurker for quite awhile. I used to teach lifeguarding for the YMCA and was a guard for a number of years before taking an EMT-B class and am now pursuing med school. Anyway, the best part of my EMT-B class was the "real-life" scenarios. The instructor did a good job of...