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    No EMT jobs in AZ?

    echo, also if you want to apply for southwest dont worry about if they are hiring on the website... take your resume into the station 1 office and drop it off. I noticed that this is an older post and currently southwest is hiring part time employees as well. With the private companies you...
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    Does anyone know anything about Community Bridges in AZ?

    In the phoenix area there are 2 private ambulance companies not including rural metro. Phoenix I believe is the only dep to use there own, southwest and pmt run the majority of it all. Also pmt and southwest are both owned by rural metro as well.
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    Does anyone know anything about Community Bridges in AZ?

    I am not trying to bad mouth community bridges but every call we have run there the staff seem to be to be burnt out and just going through the motions. We run there frequently. Also with workin for one of the rm ambos which is pretty much the only option unless your working with phoenix, you...
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    Age Discrimination?

    As for job experience look into the er's for tech positions. They will pay more then the ambos out here. That is where I got my start and it is very good learning experience. Most docs are very willing to teach and help as are most rn's
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    Southwest Ambulance in Tucson Az

    I have to say that for us in the valley we just had an interview... I'm not to sure how things are done down in tucson. We also have to work a minimum of 1yr IF before switching over to the ems side. Hope it helps .
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    Has anyone dated or married a former patient?

    Does running a mva that included your gf at the time count... she ended up my pt!!!!