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    What to look forward to after passing NREMT

    Awesome, thanks for all of that information :) it is definitely something to think about
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    What to look forward to after passing NREMT

    Hey, so I was just looking around and didn't see much on this topic for my area, hopefully it's not a duplicate post. So anyways, I got in to a small debate with my step father on what it will be like for me after I take the class and get me liscense. So my question is, in MIssouri, (St...
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    Show me your ink

    I have three. All are easily covered :) The first one is on my right shoulder and the other two are obviously on my big toes.
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    Propofol Killed Michael Jackson; Death Reportedly Ruled a Homicide

    Who knows what really was going on between the doc and Micheal... Maybe he paid the doc really really good money for the high doses. I agree with USAFmedic. i think he just needs his license revoked and maybe some community service.
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    Thanks... i might call tomorrow. :)
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    I started my Basic class tonight... and found out i need some shots.... that stinks. i recently moved put of my moms house... and she recently moved out of her house... so im praying that she still has my records... if not im screwed... i don't mind needles, unless they are for me.
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    Yea the CPR was super easy... altho they guy kinda talked slow and i was really eager to get out of there because we were suppose to go tubing that day. i showed up to the lake an hour before everyone left :( i was so mad. It shouldn't have taken over an hour i think. o well. at least im done
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    NBC this fall

    Lol. i don't even have NBC or any local channels... i know pretty sad.
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    Venting area (Non Moderated) *Poll*

    the only problem i can see that no one else mentioned is that a member who signs up can always lie about their age.
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    Iowa 911 call center accepting text messages

    i think it's a great idea! :)
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    So, i'm starting class on the 20th and got a call the other day about my cpr cert. I don't have one, nor did i take a class in high school/college. SO, i am just wondering if anyone has any tips for me. What should i expect on the test. I'm getting my info from an emt near the school im...
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    Missouri Fire/EMS District Bans Employee Smoking

    I think it's an awesome idea, even tho it will open other doors, i think it will be a start on making america healthy again, or my home city in accordance to the article.
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    Sasquatch related incidents

    lol. no that's not right! but it's funny
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    Sasquatch related incidents

    He's Bald! Chewy has rugs and rugs of fur.:P
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    Father prays while daughter dies

    Lol. He is prolly right. I didn't really think of it that way... i thought of it more as a learn your lesson. Maybe the church will teach him the right from the wrong for next time... I'm not an argumentative person... so i'm not going to react badly to the post. :P i hate fighting.
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    Someone make a contest :D

    Maybe we should just have a game thread? lol... like one of those one word games or the opposite game.
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    Father prays while daughter dies

    Aw this is so sad. It's not bad for people to be religous to the point to where this man is, but to think that when someone is not breathing that praying will save them is just unrealistic. I wonder if he has faith anymore? Or maybe next time he will take proper action.:wacko:
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    What is the Pay scales in your area?

    I'm just curious, i live in Flora, IL (Middle of No-where). I am just a begginer and getting ready for my EMT-B class and i have looked a little for jobs in the surrounding areas and what their payscales are, but if you guys do not mind sharing what you make at your current position, please let...
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    Things left behind.....

    lmao i don't have any stories from work since im just a basic student, but once my dad was on vaca and left my 84 year old diabetic grandfather that has Mac Degen at a gas station, so funny.
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    The Ultimate Question

    Lol... Sex is also the number one stress releif. IT's funny cuz ppl who are stressed don't want to because it makes them feel lazy or tired... but if they would only do the act they would prolly feel much better.