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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    78 Passed in < 20 min, not county the time it took to check in and out of the testing rooms.
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    Students texting in class

    As I just finished up the didactic portion of a degree program the experience that I have had is that most if not all of our instructors didn't care if you sent texts or had to excuse yourself from class to take a phone call. Many in our class were on call even thou in class and could be...
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    Medic Students!!!

    I don't know about the other programs but given a very large scope of practice in our state, and in our area services (No Med control for such things as RSI, Fibrinolytics, surgical airways, and the protocols do nothing more than specify what is to be on the trucks and used at the medics...
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    Worried Student.

    Please don't take this the wrong way and I do not intend for this to be mean but just take it at face value. EMT-B is a license to learn, unfortunately Mc Donald's probably trains most of their employes better than what you are getting in school. Depending on where your at, a 'B' patch is...
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    Medic Students!!!

    All my course exams are complete and passed. Alphabet soup classes are done and passed. All that is left is internship and the NREMT exam!
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    Medic Students!!!

    Been awhile since I posted. Didactic complete. Three more exams this next week, then all I have left is internship, then registry. I see daylight at the end of the tunnel.
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    Arrythmias and drugs, please help!

    With all the standard warnings that should apply. This should help with your rhythms and associated drugs. We were required to have completed ACLS prior to ever touching a patient even in...
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    Medic Students!!!

    Cardiology final in week and a half and brain fried, start clinicals in June, done with classroom in another 5 months. Ready to be done, already have 2+ years invested in full time school.
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    Medic Students!!!

    We're two years full time in our program finishing with an associate degree. I'm a little more than half way. I'm beginning to wonder if two years is enough for the amount of material that we cover.
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    Paramedic School hours

    I only have one more semester of didactic, then another year +/- of clinicals and internship. I'm ready to be done with school. This is what is required for our program.
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    Ha! I Made The News

    I would think that it is tradition. Ice Cream or soda for the whole department is standard at our house if you make the news, print or TV, unless your the designated incident PIO. What is expensive is if you have a call to your house, then you owe then entire department and their spouses a...
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    First Day Paramedic School... Yikes!!

    I don't know what kind of program yours will be, but the program I am in is 2 years and I already have to study my butt off. I still have another 6 months of didactic before we even start our 800 hours of hospital clinicals. Still have another year of full time classes before we start on our...
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    EMT Boots

    I have a 2 pair of 5.11 boots that I love. One pair is a standard tow, and the other is a composite safety toe (, current price is south of $150.00, and I have always been happy with the merchant.
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    paramedic to rn bridge_excelsior program

    Veneficus, You make several excellent arguments for the role that in person classes play in ones education, but what do you do for those who are not able to work their schedule around 'the classes'? Depending on the class sometimes I enjoy the in person interaction, if all we are doing is...
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    paramedic to rn bridge_excelsior program

    Not to beat further on a dead horse but: I feel that one of the reasons that many regulatory bodies have is the aspect of the online classroom and learning environment with little to no in person contact. As I am currently attending college for the second time things are very different now as...
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    Fire and paramedic clothing

    This looks like a google translation, or a cobbled together request from a non-english speaking person asking for FDNY uniform pathches in return for other "stuff"
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    Take it however you want, I do hate Christmas, and it has nothing to do with mommy. For those co-workers that do celebrate I let them draw straws and I work their shift(s) for them if I'm not already scheduled. They get to play, I get to do something on a day that most everything is closed. Win...
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    Brown, I'll do one better, I absolutely hate Christmas! The one and only gift I received was sent it back unopened to the person that sent it. Way too much commercialism in Christmas anymore. I used to be about family, now it's only about how much money is spent. No matter how much it is spent...
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    Medic Students!!!

    Linuss, You don't have to rub it in :P I'm just looking forward to a break so I can spend more time with my family through the holidays. They tell me I'm a bit obsessive compulsive due to the fact that anything less than a perfect 4.0 gpa would be the end of the world to me; and as such I spend...
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    Medic Students!!!

    Hooray, another week and I will be done with Medic Class till January!