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    Hero Rush?

    Has any one here participated in the hero rush race? The company I work for is putting a team together. I am looking for tips. I am in alright shape (play rugby) just not sure if there are things I should focus on doing?
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    Red Power Ranger

    I had a crush on the red ranger when I was in middle school... I feel old.
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    things you will never live down

    A few weeks ago I was in the bays doing a truck check. My partner came in looking sick. We all told him he looked bad he said he was fine. He went into the bathroom I finished truck check and went to the day room to make coffee and watch news. Next thing I know, the other unit comes...
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    Bringing in an AEDs on BLS Calls

    The company I work for doesn't have any bls units. Everything is als equipped. There are never 2 basics on a truck. Fire department and usually police respond to everything with us. If we are going into a nursing home or a place where we have to wait for an elevator, we are bringing everything...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hey everyone! I am an EMT with a private company that does 911 and transfers in NH. Will be taking an AEMT class soon. In college for fire protection. Non EMS... I am a mommy to an awesome 2 year old boy. I play rugby.