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    O2 Tanks In Cold.

    As far as I know there is nothing against the oxygen left in the cold. CT OEMS requires all certified vehicles to be left in 60 degree or higher temperature so if we have to leave a vehicle outside it needs to be kept at a constant 60 using heaters etc. But, for my POV i leave oxygen in my car...
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    Dumbest thing you have been asked

    "Did you actually have to go to class to do this or did they just let you start being an EMT?"
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Working an altered mental status call one day, status post fall with some LOC and a good old hematoma to go with it and the pt. kept saying that they were dreaming and that this was a TV show and they were in heaven and to quiet the pt. down the reply from the medic I was working with at the...
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    O2 Usage in the field

    My train of thought was coming from my notes from class. I guess now things have gone otherwise. I'm not a big fan of "Everyone needs O2" either but that's what I was taught. Now with this in front of me it gives me a better view on assessment. Thanks for pointing that out! Also - here we...
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    O2 Usage in the field

    Some things to think about: CVA/TIA, MI (or other cardiac episode), head injuries, difficulty breathing... These are what you need to be worried about. In CVA/TIA one major component in most cases is ischemia, and how do we correct ischemia on a BLS level - OXYGEN!, in high concentration...
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    New EMS Tribute Video

    Thanks! Ya, I was thinking of maybe using a short clip from How to Save A Life somewhere, I do agree with you and it has nothing to do with EMS but I'll kind of blend things well and u won't see much of it. But, my personal favorites are Thrice's "Artist in the Ambulance", a song called...
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    New EMS Tribute Video

    Hello All, I know you have all seen some kind of EMS tribute video with a whole bunch of cool pics of EMS and stuff and some music playing in the background. I have some experience in working for a full service video production company, so you could say I've done a little bit of editing on...
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    Does your department have a web site?

    New Hartford Volunteer Ambulance Just put a new one up...a work in progress.
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    Are You Prepared or Just a Wacker?

    I carry a military Blackhawk S.T.O.M.P II bag just because I like the bag and that is fully stocked, in addition I have a clipboard with a couple run forms/refusal forms in it, and then i have an oxygen sleeve with a D cylinder that supplements the airway gear in my bag. Then, my traffic vest...
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    EMT Tricks of the trade

    My Five Essential Pieces of Equipment: Duct Tape 4X4's Towels Cravats Trauma Shears Just remember - anything can be repaired with tape and medic shears. My favorite splints - pillow splint to a backboard if you have to do C-Spine. I know there's more, can't think right now...
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    EMT-B courses for people under 18

    I'm 17 and got into EMS when I was 14 so don't let anyone shoot you down. I took a first aid class at 12. Then I went and got CT's Medical Response Technician at 14 which is equivelant to a first responder in other states, 14 is the minimum age for that certification. Then, at 15 I enrolled...
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    Trach Problems

    That's what I was thinking, can't go wrong with ABC, ALS, and when all else fails call med control. I was just wondering if I missed something and there was something I should do because I'm not going to mess with equipment a pt. is relying on even to take over with a BVM because who knows at...
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    Question About Levels/How Test Works

    Thank You!
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    Trach Problems

    I guess I'm asking how we are supposed to handle the equipment. Scenario: Dispatched to a respiratory problem, upon arrival pt. is on artificial ventilation at home via ventilator (pt. in an ICU type setting in the home), nurse is not on scene and other caregivers aren't sure about use of the...
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    Question About Levels/How Test Works

    How does the NREMT-B test work? I hear it is based on different levels of questions and it stops you at a certain point but I've never really gotten an overview of how the test works. Does anybody have an overview or can you tell me where I can find one? I take my test Nov. 22nd. Thanks!
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    Trach Problems

    This is probably a question I should know the answer to but it has slipped my mind. What would be BLS care for a patient experiencing a problem with home equipment such as a respirator or other piece of equipment that can't be moved into the ambulance and is causing a serious issue (e.g. airway...
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    what is your trigger for runs

    Food, Dinner, Can I have a Dr. Pepper? - I am known for sitting down to eat and getting a call. Usually it's right after I order something to drink at a restaurant (explanation for the Dr. Pepper). I could have one call in a 12 hour shift and 85% of the time it comes some time when I'm either...
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    Would You Tell

    Well, not being a driver (volly jr.) I am with the pt. from the initial contact until they are handed over to the ED. Then i pull the sheets off the stretcher throw em in the bin, wipe it down and then gloves off until the next call - and then another pair of gloves to go clean the pt...
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    Would You Tell

    Department Policy = Gloves on Every Call for Every pt. That means as soon as I get in the ambulance the gloves go on. They come off after the stretcher is disinfected in the ED and I'm ready to put new sheets on. If you want to wear gloves WEAR GLVOES
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    Laptops in Ambulances?

    We are getting toughbooks to carry for computerized documentation. So much nicer then all the paper.