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    Fresh out of EMT-B school. Just got offered employment.

    Just got licensed at the end of March of this year. The key is getting with a company that is going to bring you along and realize you are not going to be running as someone that has been for 20 years. School is good but orientation hasn't even begun yet. You know something but at the same...
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    Advanced EMT Pennsylvania

    Thank you. In our area, we have a vastly proportional elderly population. So Medicare/Medicaid imbursement rates is important information to know. We are your infamous "rust belt" that has only the elderly, their kids who didn't move out of the area for whatever reason, and their kids (so...
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    Can I become an EMT with an arrest record?

    In the rural area I'm at EMTs are in short supply. Jobs are readily available. Now that rate starts out at $9.50/hour, and would be as a part-time or "casual" employee. So far out of 12 students in the last EMT class, 4 have their EMT certifications and 1 (me) is actually working in EMS. Many...
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    Scope of Practice for Each State - Discussion Pennsylvania checklist which is easy to read for all the different levels
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    Advanced EMT Pennsylvania

    First off, if you're running in Pennsylvania with the Advanced EMT level, I'd love to hear more about it (the business model, dispatch, reimbursement, etc). I run as an EMT-B for a service in a county that has both a lack of paramedics and a large coverage area. Actually, as many EMS agencies...
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    32 yo Male - general illness

    No insulin would have to be given at the ER. I don't know of any ALS that carries it either.
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    Do you think it is good practice to draw bloods in the field?

    our area draws blood just about every time a catheter is inserted by every company locally.
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    How can anyone manage to fail EMT BASIC?

    Passing the class in of itself was pretty much a gimmie if you showed up. Passing the psychomotor and NREMT exams not so much. out of a class of 12 completed at the end of February, only 3 of us have passed so far. Many have failed the NREMT exam specifically.
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    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Our area is hiring EMTs. The one company is starting out at $9/hour. I'm currently getting $9.50. Another company starts at $10/hr. I'm working pretty much every weekend at the moment. Currently working scheduled 65 hours a week in EMS and outside. Working in EMS is great, but I don't...
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    Call came in as AMS/Combative, crashed en route to ER?

    I was thinking mostly cardiac arrest, which could be d/t something underlining that was "missed" as you pointed out. Potential CVA included in that, so impacting the neurological ultimately. Who knows. It'd be interesting if the OP got feedback from staff on it.
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    CHF with low BP

    Crackles/rales suggests pulmonary edema, which is often caused to left-sided CHF (which is unsure if she has this dx from what's posted here). The ekg could read normal with CHF. With that low of a BP, I'd place in the semi-fowler position and elevate the legs using pillows/blankets. I'd try...
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    32 yo Male - general illness

    correction no glucose should be administered, and insulin not glucagon would be indicated.
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    Call came in as AMS/Combative, crashed en route to ER?

    something so sudden with all vitals wnl suggests something cardiac related.
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    41y/M CP

    I think recent surgery with s/s of cardiac chest pain w/ high resp rate and Pulmonary Embolism comes to mind. Load and go to facility that has thrombolytic therapy. Looks like possible ST depression? Either way, it doesn't look good. Give O2 via CPAP, place in a semi-fowler position if...
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    32 yo Male - general illness

    Ok so Ketoacidosis is the field dx. I'd call for ALS if available to meet en route who would most likely administer Glucagon or D-50. EMT administers oral glucose while en route to closest hospital.
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    32 yo Male - general illness

    As a BLS crew assuming no ALS is available, I'd ask him questions while another EMT would do obtain vitals (pulse ox/SpO2, Pulse/resp rate, blood pressure, blood glucose reading,). - I'd ask him first an open question if he knows why he might be feeling like this. His response would help me...
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    Order of Blood Draw

    So you basically follow the order that is proposed by phlebotomists then it sounds like.
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    Why are we often looked down upon as a profession?

    I didn't spent much time with making that decision either, especially with how so many paramedics come across regarding their own profession. There is kind of a doom and gloom prognosis, bitterness seems to run rampant with those long-term in the profession, etc. As for respect, I don't see...
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    Modified Valsalva

    I've never seen it, but have only heard of it's effectiveness.
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    Order of Blood Draw

    I'm actually asking this question for Paramedics. The primary question being what colors are in most blood draw kits so I can research what they are used for and what order ideally they should be drawn in, at least according to phlebotomists.