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  1. Manic_Wombat

    FDNY 2011 EMT Exam/List

    I hope I'm not starting a topic that has already been addressed. I filed for FDNY EMT back in September and I was curious if anyone knew when they will release a list and start mailing it out. I've seen a little bit of info on other forums about this hiring cycle, but nothing about when we will...
  2. Manic_Wombat

    Losing weight without a gym

    This is a really interesting thread, I think I'm going to try the couch to 5k and the 100 pushups. Thanks for the links!
  3. Manic_Wombat

    Experience with Boston EMS? Anyone?

    Thanks for the replies guys, it's been interesting; not much info online about Boston EMS.
  4. Manic_Wombat

    Experience with Boston EMS? Anyone?

    I've been looking around the internet trying to find some information on the BEMS hiring process. I've been in contact with a recruiter and he told me to go ahead and fill out an app even though they are not hiring. Just curious if anyone could tell me what the hiring process is like (written...
  5. Manic_Wombat

    EMT Written Testing - CO to MA, info needed has practice quizzes. I'd also suggest picking up this book: . It's not specific to the MA protocols, but I used it to study for my MA basic cert test and the NREMT-B later.
  6. Manic_Wombat

    Advice on making our hometown rescue squad better..

    I would second some of the other people saying hire paid staff. My FD has one paid driver on 24/7, but the rest of us are volunteers. That way, you can get the best of both worlds, you can shorten the response time of your rig, and continue allowing people to respond from home.
  7. Manic_Wombat

    FDNY EMS application process?

    Anyone had any recent experience applying for FDNY EMS? I am a junior in college and I would like to apply. However I don't want to get summoned to the EMS academy in the middle of my senior year (if I was chosen) so I was just curious how long it has taken for others before so I know when...
  8. Manic_Wombat

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Heard this on our flycar's scanner while coming back from a code: "Fire control to 1281" "1281 online go ahead" "Uhhh 1281... your back door is loose!" At first nobody said anything, but the whole car burst into laughter about 2 seconds later, and we proceeded to laugh all the way...
  9. Manic_Wombat

    Getting CE's from Iraq?

    Yeah I signed up for MedicEd the other day so I can get it done at college although I would prefer classroom and practical. But is there seriously a completely online EMT class? don't you have to do practical evaluations? It's just my 2 cents but wouldn't you want to hands-on teach a hands-on...
  10. Manic_Wombat

    What does your agency ride in...

    I'm at a volunteer FD that doesn't transport, we run a BLS flycar which is a 96' turbocharged Suburban that flies. Also all our engines and rescue have a full EMS loadout.
  11. Manic_Wombat

    New Years Eve Plans ??

    Con ed and playing videogames with my buddies haha
  12. Manic_Wombat

    Trying not to become a whacker...

    Thanks a lot guys! that makes me feel a lot better haha. Glad to know where people stand on the issue.
  13. Manic_Wombat

    Trying not to become a whacker...

    Haha, I don't own a scanner, but my pager is broken and receives every single transmission from every single volunteer fd in the county. This can make being in public places somewhat awkward, especially on a college campus (though I don't keep it on in class). Until my FD gets enough money to...
  14. Manic_Wombat

    Illinois EMT-B study guide

    I tested in MA, and the three things that helped me the most were rereading the chapters from our textbook (especially the summaries and vocab sections at the end of each chapter), reviewing all the powerpoints from class which my professor transferred to my flash drive and this book...
  15. Manic_Wombat

    Looking for a good watch

    Good choice, I owned purely Casios before I got the Citizen, those things are like a nuclear bunker attached to your wrist.
  16. Manic_Wombat

    EMT...third Career

    Good for you taking initiative to try something new. I know a lot of people who are languishing at their desk jobs and hating it, but don't want to try anything different, or cannot afford to in this economy. Best of luck to you man!
  17. Manic_Wombat

    Trying not to become a whacker...

    I don't think it stems from a need to please people per se, as much as it is to appear professional and well prepared.
  18. Manic_Wombat

    Any good EMT/Medic Books?

    The textbook I had "Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured" by AAOS is was awesome. I don't think its gonna give you much insight into the lifestyle but it will give you an excellent idea of the scope of practice of EMTs, and be a useful class resource.
  19. Manic_Wombat

    Do you sport a favorite type of undies?

    Off topic again, but ****ies makes some awesome long wool work socks I keep in my bunker gear just in case.
  20. Manic_Wombat

    MA EMT-B Jobs/College Student

    do you think the Alert EMS people would be open to a new per diem EMT-B?:P