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  1. emtff376

    Are you a health/fitness role model?

    great job! It is a challenge. It is a challenge every day. I think about junkfood every day. Fortunately, I've gotten to the point now that if I eat it, I SERIOUSLY regret it! :) My stomach isn't used to that anymore. I recently started in the paramedic program. Its taken me a...
  2. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    Not sure what our total is right now, but its 45 degrees and raining. Yesterday the conditions were perfect... sunny, warm, almost no skiers. We're almost 100% open, I think we're shy one trail. Had some interesting injuries already this year, most notably being a dislocated patella and a...
  3. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    Luno - Hopefully you'll feel better soon. I had my first real run in with a patient in over 15 years working on the hill on saturday. The father of the patient asked for treatment of his son, which we provided, then refused to provide any information for our paperwork and also refused to sign...
  4. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    nice! total yard sale?? if you do that here, you get to buy the first round at the pub! I haven't taken a digger in a while, but I know my days are numbered. I enjoy skiing way too fast and tearing up the edges of the slopes, so I'm sure its only a matter of time before I get beer tagged. :)...
  5. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    yeah, don't rub it in or anything! :P we're hurting for snow right now. We keep having warm spells in between snow storms so it keeps melting off. Thank goodness hell week is almost over (our pet name for the time between christmas and new year when the tourists run amok up here). Had 5...
  6. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    what area do you patrol at? I'm at Timberline in West Virginia. I've patrolled there for 16 years. I'm the patrol rep. right now until we sucker someone else into doing it. :)
  7. emtff376

    Are you a health/fitness role model?

    I was not in good shape at all when starting in EMS/fire, but have since changed. I've lost 80 pounds and have started competing in triathlon. I could say I lost weight for this or that, but when it all boils down, I did it for me and my health. I had a hard time coming to this realization...
  8. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    I did my first in April two years ago, but more of a mulisport than a true tri. It was a run, kayak, bike. My first true tri of the season for the last two years has been the YMCA Rocky Gap tri in Maryland. Its usually the first or second weekend in June. The open water swim is a little...
  9. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    lol, medic417. You're right, the word "sprint" is pretty subjective. :)
  10. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    I hear ya, buddy. I do sprint also. Me and running don't get along too well. I'm 5'9, but the 28 inch inseam doesn't lend well to fast legs! ^_^
  11. emtff376

    On the road diet suggestions

    salads are ridiculous to try to eat in a moving vehicle. I agree with the suggestions of smaller snacks. Bag em at home and have them readily available when you get hungry. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of veggies (I, too, am a fan of baby carrots) If you have to grab something...
  12. emtff376

    Station Gyms/Physicals

    we have "hand me down" equipment at our station (we're a fire and EMS combo station). It works well for me and I'm usually the only one in there. be safe.
  13. emtff376

    sick EMS jokes and acronyms.

    DNR = Doesn't Need a Rig.
  14. emtff376

    Exercise... for fun?!?

    Luno, what distance tri did you do and which one was it? I am also a triathlete. WLSC - I was a couch potato for most of my adult life. Like you, I was active when I was younger. After seeing my brother in the hosp. and barely being able to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my best friend's...
  15. emtff376

    Where is everyone from?

    I'm from West By God Virginia.
  16. emtff376

    Your moniker-what's it mean?, why did you pick it?

    man, mine's just plain old boring. I'm an emt, ff and my radio identifier is 376. *yawn*
  17. emtff376

    Which Type Of Ambulance Do You Prefer To Work In?

    We have vans and boxes, but I prefer the box for several reasons. Our boxes are 4WD and ride nicer in the back, at least for the providers (I can't speak from riding on the cot, except for on the return trip! :)). I've been in two of our vans and came very close to hurling before making it to...
  18. emtff376

    Slam Man

    Ouch! Hope you get to feeling better. I could use something like that for stress/anger management!!
  19. emtff376


    thanks y'all. good to see everyone.
  20. emtff376

    Is EMS really right for you?

    First name - chef first and last -sewage worker first and middle - hypnotist full name - speaking clock stand in emtff376 - pub landlord <--The most accurate!!