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  1. trevor1189

    What do you say in a patch to the hospital?

    Hospital X this is trevor1189 on BLS ambulance 1 with a patient a report... go ahead... Currently enroute to your facility with a class two 50 year old female complaining of vomitting. Blood pressure is 92/50, otherwise vitals are withing normal limits. We are about 8-10 minutes out. Short...
  2. trevor1189

    Good Samaritan - Rescue Vs. Medical

    Passenger not breathing and trapped. Trauma arrest, move on. If this is really out in the sticks, then they are not going to have a pulse by the time they are extricated if they aren't breathing now. Did anyone consider the smoke is just from the airbags? ^ Just read the OPs update. People...
  3. trevor1189

    Paramedic invents new suction device

    Just wanted to post a little update. I ordered a sample last week and it came in today. I am even more impressed now that I have seen it and got to play with it. After showing some fellow providers, our service will be getting these next month.
  4. trevor1189

    BLS Kit

    Here is what I would carry and some off the top of my head uses for the stuff. (2) Triangle Bandages - Sling and Swathe, Pressure Bandage, Stabilize a pelvic fracture, combine with trauma shears to make a tourniquet. (10) 4x4s - Combine with tape to make bandaids, 10 should be enough to...
  5. trevor1189

    Jumped into a new ambulance and found out theres 2 sirens!

    Phaser is the all business siren. People hear that and it seems like they know you mean business. They are about as good as it get to a fire truck. Don't ask me why, but people move out of the way for a firetruck the instant they see it. Ambulance, however, they try to get in front of...
  6. trevor1189

    My Own Silly Uniform Question

    National Registry isn't a license or certification to practice, so I don't see how you could get in trouble for wearing the patch, even if you aren't certified to practice in that state.
  7. trevor1189

    Ems faq

    The CD/Radio is off on calls. The dispatch radio is on for communication. At least when I'm in the truck. If any, and I mean any, idle chit chat is involved, then I don't see how a passenger could be any more or less distracting. Because we are not discussing what is going on in the back on...
  8. trevor1189

    Ems faq

    And you make that assumption based on what exactly? :unsure:
  9. trevor1189

    Ems faq

    Because I don't ask stupid questions all the way to the hospital about whats going on in the back. I also help the driver navigate and doublecheck intersections when responding. That's how! :)
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    Ems faq

    Q. Can I ride up front on the way to hospital? My partners always know the answer to that is no. The only time that family/friends/etc get to ride in the ambulance is if they are hurt also or I need them in the back for communication purposes (deaf, children, etc). Up front is useless and it...
  11. trevor1189

    Cardiac Arrest. Your first time..

    The only thing about a code that bothers me is the crunchy compressions and vomit (luckily the majority I've been on no vomit has come up). After the first round of compressions the crunching stops and its all good from there. Just remember, if you feel crunching or hear snapping and you are...
  12. trevor1189

    observitory ridealong

    Introduce yourself as a student. Don't want a patient getting pissed because they find out your a student later. That is the first thing I do when I am on shift for medic school "Hi, I'm Trevor, I'm a paramedic student. What is going on today?" I'm already an EMT, but I just introduce myself...
  13. trevor1189

    AED On Hockey Player

    Consider collapse (fall) from standing height and the amount of protective gear a hockey players wears, I would the odds of spinal compromise is slim. Emergency drag off the ice.
  14. trevor1189

    Motorola Minitors

    I manage our departments minitors and radios so I know a little bit about them. The information above is correct. It needs to be set on your dispatch frequency and set to your departments two tone (Quick Call) tones. All minitors will alert for calls assuming you have to correct reeds (older...
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  16. trevor1189

    Radio Reports, Do They Listen?

    Radio reports should not be 20 minutes long. I'm sure you were exaggerating, but I would say you can get all information with priority in less than a minute.
  17. trevor1189

    Radio Reports, Do They Listen?

    This is the exact reason that our local hospital has specific codes for critical patients. CLASS 1 STEMI ALERT or CLASS 1 Cath Lab Patient. CLASS 1 STROKE ALERT CLASS ONE TRAUMA Patient for a general trauma alert. CLASS ONE Post Arrest, ARCTIC Protocol Also, with these patients...
  18. trevor1189

    8 week vs 16 week course?

    If you're a quick learner and already have taken A&P in high school or college, I would say go for the shorter one if that's what you want to do. I took a "boot camp" style course and did great, but I also have a very good interest in medicine and love A&P. If you are just looking to get your...
  19. trevor1189

    Mark I Kits

    No there are no bls units that carry them that I am aware of. I would love to see them carried BLS for the providers, but not really sure how I would get that implemented. On that note, there are a lot of things I would like to see carried including CPAP, but the person who's pretty much in...
  20. trevor1189

    Laptops in the rig

    Yes we have panasonic toughbooks. Not sure of the model, but they do have to touch screen. They are mounted up front on a swivel dock. They have a copy of EMStat on them for us to chart on and a nice electronic hazmat guide. The docks are also equipped with verizon wireless aircards so we can...