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    On the right path??

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted and I'm checking in to say hi and get some opinions about the guidance of my career path... I am the one who got laid off from my first ground medic ALS job just out of school after graduating With Honors. I am intending to become a Flight...
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    Got a job offer to be a Medic for an FD!

    I will be a single role Medic, employed at the FD. Thanks to all of you for your support! :rolleyes:
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    Got a job offer to be a Medic for an FD!

    Hi, everyone, hope you are all doing well. So after losing my first job as a new grad Medic due to lack of experience, I interviewed for another one last week at a Fire Dept that's a little closer to home. They offered me the part time Medic spot! That will be good for me to get in as a new grad...
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    Almost in...

    Sounds like you have exactly what a good program would want! From the sounds of your post, you have nothing to worry about. I remember how excited I was the day I got my acceptance letter-it's a day you'll never forget! Good Luck to you, and let us know when Congrats are in order!! B)
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    Lost my dream job as a Medic. Am sad...

    Nope, I was training as a new grad ground medic. Need 3-5 years before I can fly.
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    NREMT Testing Deadline Exception

    I agree with Reaper-just call them and explain. You really have been through some circumstances, it sounds like, and the EMT world needs someone like you! Good Luck, and congrats on passing the practical exam! (twice!:wacko:)
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    Lost my dream job as a Medic. Am sad...

    Hi, everyone! Some of you probably remember my asking for your advice with my FTO in my first Medic job. Well, long story short, they assigned me another one without my saying a word, and he was fantastic! He taught me so much, and I was doing well. Imagine my surprise yesterday when they called...
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    Is it normal to be treated bad by your FTO?

    Thanks everyone for your advice. Please don't totally knock me. I would never want to be viewed as a whiner and any communication I would need to have with anyone would occcur very professionally and tactfully. It is just hard enough to be new and go through nastiness when I don't treat ANYONE...
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    Is it normal to be treated bad by your FTO?

    Hi Everyone, I am just begining my first Medic job and have been assigned to a very intimidating FTO. I am wondering if it's supposed to go this way? This person gets obviously frustrated with me and occasionally puts me down in front of other professionals on scene. I am really trying my...
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    I start my first job as a Paramedic in 1 week!

    And getting nervous! It will be my first Paramedic job, and I'll be working for a busy ground/air company, starting on the ground ambulance. I am so excited! I have worked years for this day. Am nervous too, since I'll be moving to a whole new city, and starting a whole new life. I want to be a...
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    About you.

    This looks like fun! A little about me...33 year old female brand-new Paramedic getting ready to move (literally) towards my goal as: Yes-You guessed it! ;) FLIGHT PARAMEDICB) I will be starting a ground medic job and eventually training for air (my new company flies both fixed and rotor wing)...
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    Received a nice compliment today

    Great job, Epi-Do!! You sound a lot like me, a hard-working, thinking girl who wants to make a difference, and you are! I hope that with some experience under my belt I can also be in the place you are now. I have gotten jobs in the past due to my outgoing, always willing to learn personality...
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    Just putting this out there...

    Have I missed something here? I respectfully agree with the OP about Paramedics needing to come together as the professionals that we are, but I also know that ALL EMS amounts to hard work, blood, sweat and tears. A great Paramedic can do amazing things, but I as experienced first-hand while...
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    What is your rank or title.

    The guys at my Fire Station all refer to me as 'The Blonde that always smells good' and 'Paramedic Girl' ;), but my new official title is also Newbie Paramedic! Loved reading all of your reponses! You guys (and girls) are cracking me up! :lol:
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    Reflecting on the past two years...

    Hey, everyone! I hope you are all doing great. I had some time to kill while waiting for my first date (with a BlackHawk Flight Medic!), so I thought I'd go through the posts I have written over the last two years in my struggle to become a Paramedic, and all I can say is...WOW, did that all...
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    Just got Registry card and patch!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is the greatest Christmas and New Years gift combined-seeing that BIG envelope addressed to you! Enjoy your patch and cert and feel proud of all the responsibility that goes along with it! :rolleyes:
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    wish me luck!

    Best of Luck to you! Enjoy yourself and learn a lot. It will all pay off in the end! B)
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    How long did it take you to find a job?

    I was an EMT-B in Medic School and interviewed with a ground/rotor wing company for a Medic position while still a student. The company knew that, and after the interview they offered me the job 10 days later! It was pending that I pass my Paramedic written and practicals, so after I passed both...
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    Coffee: What's your brand?

    I'll tell you, if a good man brought me coffee in bed, I'd be one happy woman...:rolleyes:
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    Coffee: What's your brand?

    I'm a Starbucks Mocha with 1/2 shot of chocolate kind of girl. All through Medic School and my Internship, I always had one with me. One day, I had just arrived at the station when the guys got tapped for an MVA on I-5My Captain told me to "Run, they'll be picking you up on the corner". So...