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    European Meds App

    I work in a US National park that see a large number of European visitors and consequently we see a fair number of medical calls with these folks. Does anyone know of an iPhone app similar to Micromedix that has European formulary? Thanks.
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    Dumb Question

    From the maintenance manual: "The LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor uses either a 50 millimeter (mm) or 100 mm thermal array printer. In either case, the A01 System PCB printer controller governs motor speed, adjusts print strobe pulse width, senses paper presence and door closure, senses...
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    Engine 2 in Death Valley NP

    Engine 2 in Death Valley NP
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    Pager Call

    So, having said that ...........
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    Pager Call

    I found the term, especially when used in conjunction with the question about it being a volunteer department a bit derogatory. Yes, I do think it's 'cool' to be an EMT as well as a volunteer fireman because I get to help the folks in my community. Those of us in the EMS services, at least in...
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    Pager Call

    Excuse me?
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    Mentally Ill EMTs/Paramedics

    I have to disagree w/ AKFlightMedic on some points. First, there are several different classes of BiPolar. Some are characterized by severe mood swings and finding the right combinations of meds to keep them 'stable' can be a challenge. Other types are fairly benign and are easy to control...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    EMT-B - 72 questions - Passed -had to wait all weekend to find out tho. :wacko: