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    ATLS Audit

    I've taken both. In my opinion, TNATC is a much better course for transport personnel. It's fantastic! And if you are looking to get a hand up on a flight job, I think they might take more notice of TNATC. Good luck!
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    CCEMTParamedic class on line

    Google will lead you to all that information or you can PM me. Thanks bigbaldguy!
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    Physiological effects of Oxygen

    I presented on how we are killing people with high flow oxygen at the Critical Care Transport Medicine conference last year. It's not a theory, but a fact. The whole idea of giving high flow oxygen originated in a paper in 1900. By 1904 it was being questioned and by the 50's there was...
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    Air Medical Crews

    So as a completely unscientific sampling, I was wondering what is the general consensus / opinion you have of helicopter flight crews. Do you think they are the best of the best with aspirations of being one? Overused resource that wears too tight of flight suits? A bunch of prima donnas? Or...
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    Dream exchange program

    My dream location would be tropical that pays me $100,000 a year with unlimited protocols and I work very little. I might be shallow. :rofl: Oh and a helicopter and a boat and a ferrari chase car. Is that too much to ask?
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    Has anyone ever passed the NREMT-P exam with 150 questions?

    I was lucky enough to sit on an NREMT item writing committee recently. When you see a lot of the same questions, it's usually one of two things. Either a) they are asking you the same question at a different difficulty or b) you are getting one of the "test" questions meaning they are trying...
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    CCEMTParamedic class on line

    Well, official numbers from anyone is impossible because currently BCCTPC will not release that data to education institutions, which in my opinion is completely fine. Everything is by word of mouth from our course participants. So far, everyone we know of that has taken the FP-C or CCP-C exam...
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    CCEMTParamedic class on line

    Let me just preface anything I say about Creighton is with some bias. I graduated from there 13 years ago as a paramedic. Also, I am currently the critical care coordinator who oversees the online critical care paramedic program. I will try to just present the information and not make it a...
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    bachelors degree in paramedic

    I know at the school I work for we offer a bachelors in EMS. I know that some flight programs in our area give preference points for having a bachelors in EMS. We are currently working on a masters degree in EMS. Not sure how that will pan out, but I agree with the degree inflation in different...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hey name is Rick Erickson. Met bigbaldguy on a plane flight and decided I would join in. I've been around EMS about 15 years now as an EMT, paramedic and current flight paramedic and critical care educator. Can't wait to read some posts and learn a little bit from everyone! Have...
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    CCEMTParamedic class on line

    If you have any questions about the Creighton online Critical Care Paramedic program, I would be more than happy to answer them. I have some experience with the program.