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  1. MedicMuse

    Working in Qatar

    Wow, wasn't expecting that much. As you named it found some of your social media accounts but did not want to directly message to before letting you know from here. About the welcoming at stations, it's ordinary ''Turkish hospitality'' case. What should they do ? haha :) Recruiting in Turkey...
  2. MedicMuse

    Airway management survey

    Done. will you share results u got ?
  3. MedicMuse

    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    1- Paramedic Diploma from a university 1a- yes before got into EMS 1b-One step under CCP Lastly - Yes and No, I got 2 university, one for become a japanese teacher one for become paramedic. but major is Paramedic (drop the japanese thing to become paramedic)
  4. MedicMuse

    Working in Qatar

    Thanks for the info. From Turkey age 28 single male. In the website the position looks open till 2017 Nov. University degree paramedic, in Turkey things work different, grade I have is the last step before CCP but there's no option to be a CCP here. Kinda stuck cause of that. I can be a CCP...
  5. MedicMuse

    Working in Qatar

    @dutemplar Are you sti in Qatar ? I can't PM right now, read all messages u post about Qatar. There was a position in Ambulance Paramedic and i applied that and sent a resume. they all at least 4-5 years old post but ppl said it took year over to get a proper contact and working visa. in...