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    BLS Kit

    LMAO well I have a 20 month old and my wifes family are mostly old so just in case.
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    BLS Kit

    OK that makes sense thanks
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    BLS Kit

    just outta curosity why lose the airways and bp cuff
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    BLS Kit

    I have been trying to put together a bls kit to carry in my car and with me when I go on family events and so on. Heres what I got: Sam Splint irrigation Triangle Banages Bandaging (4x4's 2x2 bandaides, kerlex) bp cup (adult and xl adult) sissors oral and nasal airways cpr mask...
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    When to immobilize when not to?

    In the Pa state Protocols it states to immobilize the spine when there is any mvc! Now do you immobilize when there is a mva and the patient does not have any complaints of neck or back pain? and there is no severe MOI (ie rollover intrustion and so on) Or do you just immobilize at every...
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    Apps for your iPod medical related

    I was on my iPod an looking at the medical applications and was wondering if others had a iPod or iPhone and what they had on there's or what they recommend to install.
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    Why become a paramedic?

    I wanna become a medic to better help people out and will be entering the program this fall. Also so I dont have to drive as much cuz at the company I work for medic barely drive and I need to work out my arm tan.
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    Cardiac Arrest. Your first time..

    Wow thats interesting. The very first one I did was on an elderly female found by neighbor unresponsive, I was with the fire department at the time while I was going through my emt class and was certified in cpr/aed and we did cpr on her until the ambulance arrived. So how did you feel after...
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    Cardiac Arrest. Your first time..

    I am new to the ems world been an emt for 10 months and employed for 9 months. I have had 4 cardiac arrest in the 9 months of employment and 1 while going through school. Now with the company I work with we get our fair share amounts of Codes and the schedual I work is 4, 10 hours days my...
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    Any emts or medics in NY

    I was interested in obtaining some information about becoming an emt in NY and was woundering how to go about becoming one. I am certified in Pa and was interested in NY if anyone could direct me to a website or a place to call would be helpfull. Thank you
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    Little help on reading a EKG Strip and 12 lead

    I was trying to look online for some helpfull ways to read and understand and ekg strip and 12 lead.. however there are alot out there and could find the right one..... I was woundering if anyone go either send me a link of a site to read up on this or if someone could give me a run down on...
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    Got some questions

    Thanks for the multi-tasking help.. I guess I have been treating every call as a rush call and now I need to slow down.. As far as the family and work time goes. Prior to August I was umemployed for 9 months and spent everyday with my daughter while my wife was employed, I was unable to find...
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    Got some questions

    I am a new emt only been an emt going on 3 months (still wet behind the ears as some would say). I have been finding some weakness as of late. I work with a company that does 911 and IFT and I have been primarally doing 911. When I am with a PT in the back I find it hard to get everything I need...
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    Low call volume 911 vs Transport work

    I work with a company that also does both IFT and 911 calls. I am a new emt (still wet behind the ears as some medics say) only 3 months into it. I have found out that I enjoy working the 911 calls more then the IFT calls but even just like someone else said that if you get something good it...
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    Anyone from PA (Lehigh Valley Area)

    Thank you for the help!
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    BlS Narrative Templates

    I do both IFT and 911! Thanks for all the help now if I can get a call so I can use it.
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    Anyone from PA (Lehigh Valley Area)

    I am a new emt and looking to take a Paramedic assist class but can not find one. Does anyone know of one that can be taken around here. I live in PA eastern part, Easton, Pa but I dont mind traveling to Lehigh Valley area. Thanks
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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    well this wasnt what anyone said to the pt. I was on a call during my precepting and got called out for a unknown problem. We pull up to this house man outside on the porch with a cop there the cop helps out said man and says he is drunk and wants to go to the hospital to get dried up. As...
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    BlS Narrative Templates

    I am new to ems world and just started a job about a month ago. I am getting confortable with talking to the patients and doing my skills. However I am still having some issues with writing out my narratives and also radio reports. I have asked some of the people that I work with and I get a...
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    Advice on dealing with this....

    Its been a while since that call but from what I can remember he vitals were good and 12 lead was good. And I think she has been like this in the past. The medic also mention about giving her an iv to relax her but she probably would ripped it out. Well the thing is we were there on the...