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  1. Glucatron

    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Awesome! You just made my otherwise dreary day at work a whole lot brighter! ^.^
  2. Glucatron

    Scariest Moment in EMS

    That's crazy!
  3. Glucatron

    Major Issue With New Partner

    I wouldn't! He sounds truly dangerous. I would plain refuse and tell my captain that it ain't worth my life! Not only that, while my partner and might switch off on BLS calls I will never push a call on him! I'm still the EMT. This guy seriously sounds like bad news...
  4. Glucatron

    Scariest Moment in EMS

    That would definitely be an eye opener!
  5. Glucatron

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Agreed. :)
  6. Glucatron

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    That is awesome! ^.^
  7. Glucatron

    the 100% directionless thread

    Glitch Mob is badass! Well, nothing like finishing the day with a Bari transfer and meanwhile the city is status 0.
  8. Glucatron

    Martial Arts

    Well, your welcome! I hope you get involved, martial arts are awesome!
  9. Glucatron

    BLS transport of the ETOH patient

    I think it depends on mentation, differential diagnosis, airway management, any other complaints. Anything cardiac, possible stroke or if the pt is unable to manage their airway and it's ALS. If they have a low blood sugar it is BLS unless D50 or oral glucose has no effect, they deteriorate...
  10. Glucatron

    EMT's checking BS

    Here in CO, we can: 1.start IVs and administer NaCl 2. Monitor pulse ox, 3. Test blood sugar, 4. Give D50 (if ALS), narcan, ASA, nitro, 5. Put in King, combitube airways. 6. Place 12 leads. It wouldn't surprise me if in 5-10yrs they start to allow EMT-Bs to do IOs. There are a lot of things we...
  11. Glucatron

    How many times have you been dispatched to a man down or an “arrest”

    Can't place a number. Yes, people actually just see someone on the ground and call 911 these days. I suppose we should be grateful because they could go check and decide that person needs CPR and then break a rib and we then actually have to transport. I know, it's a stretch.. I try to be positive!
  12. Glucatron

    Martial Arts

    I started training in Krav Maga back when I was 16. I trained for 4-5 years and let me tell you, it is a great martial art that doesn't like to be called that because it's less art and more about modern day combat training. We did everything from punches and kicks to defending against knives and...
  13. Glucatron

    Pt. care at end of shift

    Or being held over because your relief slept past their alarm. I rarely get angry at coworkers but that is one pet peeve that gets me into a nice fiery rage...
  14. Glucatron

    I HATE my partner

    No, YOU make your confidence drop. You are projecting your issues onto him. You say you know how to do your job so he stands back and lets you do it. He told you he will stand back. That means you control the scene. So then you stare at the bed not knowing what to do and never ask for help and...
  15. Glucatron

    I HATE my partner

    I haven't met your partner or you so it's hard to judge. He trained you so I am assuming he's worked in the field longer. I work with a partner who has been doing this for years and years. I consider myself new and I have been working in this field for almost two years. I would probably start...
  16. Glucatron

    Pt. care at end of shift

    Agree 100%. In the beginning of shift you have a tolerance for BS or non-critical calls. It wanes towards the close of shift. True emergencies, though, wake us up and get the adrenaline flowing.
  17. Glucatron

    Permanent Partners

    I have a permanent partner right now though I may be switching over to a 48 hr shift (I work 12s) just to get more 911 exposure (our shift does transfers and 911). But I like having a permanent partner because you get used to how they work and what they like and get to build a friendship. I...
  18. Glucatron

    Are you really carrying 400lb people downs flights of stairs?

    Did you just call firemen tools? ROFL
  19. Glucatron

    Off duty at a restaurant, you witness a bari+geriatric fall

    Oh, I love you! You just pulled a Waiting!
  20. Glucatron

    Assault & retaliation/defending yourself

    It always depends on the situation. If I get on scene and the person comes swinging at me we usually have enough people to safely restrain and transport the person. If not then it depends. If we both feel uncomfortable trying to restrain the person alone call for police and/or fire back up and...