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  1. chillybreeze

    How does your company number its ambulances?

    In our county we have station number and the ones I work at are station 40 and 43. So my truck numbers would be 400, 401. and 402. My other station is 430 and 431. Pretty simple
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    The EMTLife 500 Contest

    Oct. 6, 2013
  3. chillybreeze

    the 100% directionless thread

    Everyone wants to work with me at both stations right now! Im a white cloud it seems!! Im going on a week and a half and not the first call on my shift at either station. Every other shift has been running like crazy but none on mine!:P Im pretty sure ive just jinxed myself and its gonna...
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    There's someone in the back of our unit!

    just glad that ya`ll are ok!!:)
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    Show me your ink

  6. chillybreeze

    Talking to your partner.

    I am so lucky. I work for 2 squads and get along great with everyone. Its pretty nice to know you get to go to work and hang out for 12 or more hours with a friend. We can get chatty sometimes and have our quiet times also....its not that awkward silence or anything. I honestly enjoy...
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    Show me your ink

    HAHA Whatever works! I wish all my patients had veins like that!! ^_^
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    Show me your ink

    OMG you have awesome veins!!!
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    Depression In EMS

    ugh!!! exercise.....thats a bad word!! Actually its a bad word i need to work on! lol
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    Depression In EMS

    Thats the first time Ive heard it put into words but I really think you have hit the nail on the head! I struggle with this sometimes. When all I want to do is go home and go to sleep or rest and forget everything I have to remember that I have a family who needs me as much as the rest of my...
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    Author looking for an EMT's advice

    Im interested too!!
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    Second job NOT related to EMS?

    beautiful work!!
  13. chillybreeze

    Second job NOT related to EMS?

    I actually have 3 jobs! I work at 2 fire dept based ems squads and my 3rd job is at an RV dealership.
  14. chillybreeze

    Do you generally know your EMS providers?

    Yeah I know most of the providers in the area. We live in a very rural county and it seems like most of our emts work 2 or more jobs and its usually a different fire dept or ems squad in the same county. When we see each other its like "oh hey.....who are you with today?"
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Ever had one of those calls where you just wanted to go home and hug your teenager? Yeah I had one of those last night! Got called out to an underage drinking party for unresponsive but breathing patient who was postive ETOH. Upon arrival found her in the backseat of a car. Kids around her...
  16. chillybreeze

    Family on Duty Together

    My thoughts exactly. We have a husband and wife team who work with my dept and things work out great! Would I want to work with my!
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    What are some medical diseases/problems a patient told you

    Wow....that sounds like some of my patients!!!!
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    Funny Ems phrases

    Wish there was a like button for this!
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    What have you forgot?

    I agree with the dignity thing! The other day we were backing out of a driveway and i happen to notice the trauma bag wasnt there when i went to get the glucometer. I asked my partner if he was up front with him for some reason and all of a sudden i feel the truck go from reverse to drive...