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  1. D Brim

    Scenario: would you call this 12-lead?

    Yep, my post was already getting too long. . . . but seems like some ugly looking combination of past pathology. A little LVH, a little pathological Q. . . all equals one really ugly looking, but not acute, 12-lead
  2. D Brim

    Scenario: would you call this 12-lead?

    Tough EKG to do anything with 100% certainty. I for one would never blame someone for talking a poorly controlled diabetic with a complaint of shortness of breath and an ugly looking 12-lead into going in for further evaluation. For that matter, I would personally try to talk anyone with a...
  3. D Brim

    How far to put the tube in?

    My first couple of field intubations I was just so excited to see cords I sunk that tube deep down, and didn't even notice until I sat back up and thought "huh, I don't think the BVM adapter is supposed to be at the lips." Don't do that :) Once that black line is past the cords, that's deep...
  4. D Brim

    Will you tutor me?

    Unfortunately nothing more authoritative then me :) I can rescind any implications that what I said was fact rather then my own opinion based on experience, which I hear might be worth slightly more then a grain of salt ;) More importantly, I'm always looking for facts to refine my opinions...
  5. D Brim

    Will you tutor me?

    Haha, sorry 98/hr was my floor, I guess I'm out. . . but, seriously. . . Fisdap! To keep it short and to the point, I'm just joining the choir with what Angel said! 100% right! JBL has good resources, but the extra fee for the fisdap exam gets you the most heavily validated and NREMT-like...
  6. D Brim

    Another interesting EKG

    I'd call it atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response and right bundle branch. Very fast A-fib RVR though! Poor guy had probably been in it for the entire week, no wonder he is weak and SOB. Irregular with no discernable p-waves. Wide QRS complexes with large terminal R-wave in...
  7. D Brim

    Thoughts on this EKG?

    I would respectfully disagree with those that say this is not typical for hyperkalemia. In short, it's suggested by the combo of the wide bizarre QRS AND the symmetric abnormal peaked T-waves. As the potassium progressively increases T-waves become progressively more peaked (tall relative to...
  8. D Brim

    Paramedic jobs in Northern Ca Bay Area

    Thanks both. That's tons of great information Angel, really appreciate it. Really appreciate the recommendation BeachMedic. Santa Cruz isn't all that bad for a 24, do you know what type of shift the do: day on day off, 48's and 72's? I'm surprised to see that even at the private ambulance...
  9. D Brim

    Random partners

    Good advice from everyone who has responded, I'm sure you'll be just fine. The fact that you are cognizant of the need to try to adapt to new and variable partners is a good sign that you're considerate of your partners, and that's a good place to start. In addition to other's advice I can...
  10. D Brim

    Paramedic jobs in Northern Ca Bay Area

    I'm new to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and looking for insight about "good" jobs for paramedics around here. I'm interested in any paramedic jobs that would offer the quality of life benefits that, I believe, most of us recognize as being valuable in this field: e.g. competitive...