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    Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone is a decent product bit depending on your goal not necessarily the best. I've used most products on the market and prefer Michel Thomas when it comes to strictly speaking a language. It's audio only so you don't get the instruction in reading/writing the target language. Check out...
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    Denver Health P-School

    For the most part I feel like you get out what you put in. I agree that the field internship is superior though. Depends on what you're looking for. DH tries really hard to ensure that the relationship between the preceptor and the student is benefiting the student. The coordinator for the...
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    Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, your fired.

    Future employment needs to be considered as well. Stating on your FB that you act lick an *** at work is a great way to be passed over for a job.
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    Agency affiliation?

    In order to maintain your active NR you need to be working (paid/vol, does not matter). You pick which agency you are with and your training person approves affiliation. I used to see people pick my agency that were not employed w us. Try to resist that urge.
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    Legalization of Cannabis WA/ CO

    Nearly 20 years in the game and I can remember one pot related call that I ran. Kid smoked up, didn't get ripped off and was not sure how to deal with some good weed. Never shall I be able to recite any but the absolute worst of the ETOH calls I've run.
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    EMT Oath- My problem

    You've yet to attend the state EMS conference I see.
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    EMT Oath- My problem

    I try really hard to abstain from getting involved in, or contributing to, anything negative at all here. I mostly try to stick to advice regarding EMS in the Denver metro area or the service I work for directly. I also have a touch of experience at the state level so I may (likely not) chime in...
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    Uniform. Is there a way to spot clean it??

    Yep. We wear white shirts and this has always seemed to work for me.
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    To post or not

    No stations here, just street corners and such. I love it. I've read plenty of good books, made reasonable progress with language acquisition and seen some pretty crazy stuff sitting at intersections. I'd take that over a recliner any day.
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    NREMT-P job oppritunities in CO

    Getting an FD job out here is about as hard as it is anywhere else. If you have any experience and will be in the Denver Metro area I'd skip the privates altogether and apply to DH. Much better pay, 911 only.
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    moving to denver

    You'll need a FBI background check for sure. While you're waiting on that you can apply for a 90 day one time provisional cert so you can work. The downside is that it's expired at the end of the 90 so if you still don't have your background back from the feds you cannot work until you do. If...
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    NYC Ride-A-Long

    Solly Cholly, no rides here unless you are employed by DH (and have a valid reason) or are a student here. Years ago we could bring people to work, but those are long gone days.
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    Denver Health EMS

    Just under 7 calls per shift. Shift diff for over nights used to be 1.70, I think it's gone up to around 2.20, but don't quote me on that. Charting software is Highplains. Protocols as of January 2012. It's a living document so these may not be all the way...
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    Looking for a good watch

    Well, since the thread seems to be breathing again and G-shock and Luminox have been mentioned, check out Armourlite. Not in the $20 range, but sweet nonetheless.
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    What do you do when your instructor says something that's wrong?

    Buddy isn't saying anything that's going to harm anyone. I say don't sweat it.
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    Putting all patients on stretcher

    That works too. I just try to avoid any unnecessary lifting.
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    Putting all patients on stretcher

    I always kind of looked at the job as a marathon as opposed to a sprint. If I can remove a risk to my back by putting a pt that does not need the bed on the bench, you bet I'm going to. I feel it's far from lazy thinking, simply sel preservation. We get plenty of people hat need the bed for one...
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    Backboard straps?

    2" cloth tape.
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    Where do you keep your pocket knife?

    Knives not permitted on the clock. Prior to that policy imementation it was clipped to my RF pants pocket.
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    Required credentials for your agency.

    State DL State cert