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  1. agregularguy

    Education Pay

    Never fully looked into it due to already having a B.S., but I believe they used to offer to pay for medic school, but were not at the time I was there. Not 100% on that.
  2. agregularguy

    Education Pay

    My last agency did. 5% for associates, 10% for Bachelor's. Kinda spoiled while I was there-- I moved (and EMS is now my part-time gig) so pay looks a LOT lower now!
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    Yep, bachelor's in EMS Management and Criminal Justice. Was working EMS while obtaining the degree. Would love to go back and get my masters, but I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon.
  4. agregularguy

    EMS Liaison/Hospital Relations

    Before I left my last agency a few months ago, we had just enable a new bit of software that allowed us to see the final hospital discharge diagnosis on our patients. I loved that! We also had a binder on the wall inside the entrance to the ER that had all the STEMI cases, showed a photo of the...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Been a week or two since I've had time to check on this site. Looking forward to reading all the threads I missed while I was gone!
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    Reputable EMS services in the New York and MA states

    Worked in the capital region area of NY, as well as eastern MA. Both have many Fire based EMS regions. Anyone who knows me knows my thoughts on fire-based EMS, needless to say though I won't be recommending any of those. In NY, Colonie EMS is a good spot to be (if you have to be in NY/MA, SC...
  7. agregularguy

    the 100% directionless thread

    Grabbed a 36 starting yesterday up at one of our slower stations. So far done 6 calls in 28ish hours. Was able to sleep from mid-8am without any calls. Very pleasantly surprised so far as I try and gobble up all the holiday pay I can.
  8. agregularguy

    Identify LVO

    We use RACE scores in conjunction with the Cincinnati stroke scale. Most of our trucks have tear off pads/check sheets in most of the trucks with the qualifiers on them. I also have a RACE score app on my phone. Anyone with a RACE of 5 or greater has to go to one of the two of the main downtown...
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    Is this even an option

    Springfield College in western ma also has an EMS Management program, in which you get your medic during the program.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Had only 1.5 calls today on my 12 hour shift. Fewest I've had since getting here! Was not expecting that considering we were level 0 for both transport trucks and QRVs for several hours on Friday. Was figuring it would be like that all weekend.
  11. agregularguy

    first call of the day is...

    Car v house. Few skin tears, no complaints of pain or any other traumatic injuries. Refused to go with us to hospital
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    What does your agency ride in...

    Been meaning to upload these for a while now. This is one of our 5 new trucks. Apparently I suck at embedding photos, so hopefully one of these links work.
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    Gun Porn

    Shields are great, but put in an apex trigger first. I hate the stock trigger on the shield
  14. agregularguy

    Gun Porn

    I pretty regularly carry a Glock 19. Generally most of my wardrobe is flannels/button down shirts that makes concealing it super easy, both at 4 oclock and appendix carry. Sometimes I can get away with it in a light tshirt, depending on the shirt. If not, I'll carry my shield.
  15. agregularguy

    Gun Porn

    You got it ;)
  16. agregularguy

    Gun Porn Unsure how to get photos to upload properly so let's try this. This is my EDC Glock 19. Gen 4, with Hyve mag release extension, +3 mag extension, APLc weapon light. Also has Trijicon night sights on it, but I'm hoping to swap those out sometime this year.
  17. agregularguy

    the 100% directionless thread

    Not an FTO, but my former work place wasn't great about setting new EMT's up for ALS assists. Teaching them how YOU like your things done, IV, 12 lead, etc. Some haven't played with setting up a flush/spike a bag beyond once or twice in class. I also LOVED as a basic (and still now!) going over...
  18. agregularguy

    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    We also are supposed to be getting blood out here in SC. Was originally supposed to get in October, now not entirely sure when, still within next few months is what I was last told. ( In addition to push dose pressors, doc was on board with them!)
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    Anyone here have any experience with Kratom? Had a young guy as a DOA the other day, while there were definitely comorbidity factors, we found a large bag (as well as spoon with large amounts of residue on it) with kratom next to the patient where we found him. Coroner said that they recently...
  20. agregularguy

    Paramedic Research Paper

    While I preferred my college's research databases for the actual research, I found it helpful to at least scan through google scholar to see if a topic had enough sources first.