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    Faces behind the post

    At the gym today
  2. cookiexd40


    Flag 3/4 sleeve work in progress...several others all over total of 14 tats only one fire dept related one and its a memorial for my g-pa After workin out ..... Excuse the lack of pics
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    Danner striker ii gtx side zip

    ......those boots any good?...I'm bout wore thru my second set of hiax airpowers and just thinkin bout tryin some new boots potentially sent from my incredible using tapatalk
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    soooo there we were.....

    i agree but it isnt a disscusion anymore....when sh!tty comments like "let me guess you squeezed the bag" are said without knowing me, my experience and/or knowledge then now hes just being demeaning for no reason other than to be a :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored:
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    soooo there we were.....

    no i did not squeeze the bag and no i dont do a damn thing in my life to be "cool"...this was posted as somethin to talk about and it has turned into a burn cookie thread cause everybody is always better than someone sorry for everybody that have made good solid points and yet there...
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    soooo there we were.....

    reaper as far as im concerned yes you are correct they take a beating all the time but when they actually get hurt and they need transport then im going to do it the way i feel is best...i dont care if there is no head neck or back pain. im going to immobilize the pt if it can be done w/o making...
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    soooo there we were.....

    no i's cant do pain manegment in tx....and it was just 250cc was for the potential of inter-thigh bleeding. my protocol. and he was fully immobilized beacuse he was thrown not just bucked off he was thrown off a 2k lbs spinning bull and then stepped on and i dont have xray vision
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    soooo there we were.....

    thanks linuss! 1000-1500 cc potentially in a closed femur fx ...250cc bolus was enough to help the situation in the 4 min transport time to the er
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    soooo there we were.....

    no it was a tri-state highschool rodeo assoc. rodeo finals lol
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    soooo there we were.....

    why not bolus him...250cc isnt going to do much one way or the other...severe trauma so i decided to fill him up just a little since we have to start 2 iv per protocol and we dont use hep-lok or saline loks here i jsut gave him a little fluid...intial BP was lik 110 palp so it wasnt gonna hurt
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    soooo there we were.....

    last night me and my partner were at a highschool rodeo standby and about 5 kids from the end of the rodeo a kid got stepped on by a bull and fx his femur. well as me and my partner and the cowboys and the kids mother (a nurse) were getting the traction splint on and him on a long spine board...
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    What do you use to take notes on a call?

    well since the hospital gives us our sheets i usually write info on the head end of the cot on the sheet so i have it while i give my radio report and then after the radio report i trnasfer that info onto the ePCR before getting to the hospital...although i still have a ahrd time breaking the...
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    Needs new kicks

    i love 5.11 ems pants but i refuse to wear any duty/station/ems boot other than these Haix airpower X1
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    So I was playing with a lighter

    let get his wish to learn how to hide something dumb you did instead of washing the gear cause you dont wanna wash it with something that will degrade the material....why are you even in gear? geeeez!!!.....just get some water with a soap in a spray bottle and spray the spot...
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    saline-lok opinion

    plz do id like to read it
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    the 100% directionless thread

    welp the state of tx finaly posted my cert online so i got to work as an intermediate for the first time last shift...ran 9 ems calls first call of the day waqs a DOA and had my first code as an intermediate that her back at the er...kind of wishin my service believed in havein new...
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    Spring-loaded IV caths... WHY!?!?!

    ive used both the spring loaded and the safe easy cath. i like either one the cath seems to advance a little more easily for my with the spring loaded kind
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    Faces behind the post

    do ya? ive only been here about a year and a half....still meetin folks
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    [April Fools] EMTLife's Newest Community Leader: MMiz!

    well piss!!! i was kinna stoked for a sec bahhahahaha
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    Faces behind the post

    emma i like a!!!