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    Highest paid EMS companies in socal

    I agree with ER Tech positions offering double what a private ambulance will pay ($10-13 vs 1$8-25). EMS privates just don't have the pay vs. cost of living in So Cal usually. Tough to start out but sometimes that is your only foot in the door or way to get some resume experience. Good Luck!
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    Part time EMT in Tucson, Arizona.

    Looks like you are correct the bulk monopoly of private is AMR in Arizona, when I search AZ I get: AMR mostly also Lifeline ambulance Governmental Military Type Jobs (Mostly fire) Flight Paramedics (Air Methods has a good amount of openings) G4S (Security EMT work) Decent amount of Fire...
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    Scope of Practice for Each State - Discussion

    LA County has a very low scope due to quick transport times, I know of many Paramedics who are envious of larger scopes in different areas that let you use all of your skills! Pediatric Intubation is the #1
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    EMS Pursuit (EMT Paramedic & Firefighter Jobs) Is Now a Free Website

    EMT Paramedic & Firefighter Jobs New Website Now 100% Free! ____________________________________________ EMS Pursuit To name a few..... Ambulance Emergency Department Fire Department Government Lifeguards Teaching / EMS Instructors Ski Patrol / Wilderness...
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    911 Dispatch EMT Work In NYC or Surrounding Counties

    They privates also offer dispatch positions you may have to start there while trying to get in with the city. AMR has a job posted right now that I see in New York.
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    Building a resume as a new EMT-B

    Leadership, education, volunteer work, prior experience, previous team experience to name a few..... These employers are similar to Fire Department hiring based on qualities mentioned above.
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    When you hate your new job...

    Could you try to meet the ER staff while working at your hospital? Maybe a lateral transfer as an ER tech would bring more excitment to your daily routine and you can still study for the RN route. Hospital monitoring sounds tough day in and day out but the ER has something new every day.
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    Where is the best place you've worked as an EMT-B?

    California has great experience but cost of living per EMT pay is tough to make work. It is doable with some planning but becoming a Paramedic with the right company, working as an ER Tech or getting hired as a Firefighter especially are the higher pay routes to take while obtaining good...
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    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Combining EMS and Volunteer is also a route people take when newer to the job... Working part time as Volunteer Firefighter and Part Time on an Ambulance (Even IFTs) Sometimes is the only way to obtain the hours per month you are looking for. The pay is low however (or non existent with some...
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    Ems in dekalb county Georgia

    I am looking at that counties EMS Jobs and right now there are a good amount of AMR jobs in Dekalb available to apply to right now! I see a couple firefighter jobs as well in that county.
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    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Yes, accepting jobs in a larger area sometimes is the only solution: Keep positive and stay proactive applying to multiple jobs at once... We do see a good amount of job posts this month. EMS Pursuit (Fire & EMS Jobs)
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    FDNY EMS Candidates

    Looks like there are still 3 more days to apply if you have not already. Good Luck! EMS Pursuit (Fire & EMS Jobs - Now Free)
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    EMT-B moving to Titusville, FL?

    I see currently a decent amount of Jobs in Orlando with Rural Metro being a good 911. IFTs are more in abundance from the companies I see this month with jobs. Many hospitals in Florida Higher EMTs/Medics so don't forget about those avenues. The ER is a great spot to learn your job with a...
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    Part time EMT in Tucson, Arizona.

    There are a good amount of EMS Jobs in Arizona and I did see a EMT Job Part Time as well Let me know if that helps! Good Luck -EMS Pursuit (EMS & Fire Jobs - Now Free)