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    In our vehicles, we have tablets (which we call MDT's) in the front of the vehicles which direct us to calls and give our crews call details (this is just a quick basic explanation) as well as provide GPS direction. Soon, we'll be rolling out tablets in the back of our ambulances which we call...
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    Your Fire Department/Ambulance Patches

    I'm looking for patches guys from all over the world - I have "Metro EMS" patches available (look at my profile image)
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    I have patches available, Cape town, South Africa "Metro ems" if you interested.
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    NC EMT-B Patches

    I have patches available to swop as well hey... see my profile image for a example. From Cape Town, South Africa if you interested.
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    making patch board!

    I have some patches available - I'm looking for overseas badges.
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    EMS Patches For Trade

    I have a few "Metro EMS" patches available (see my profile pic) if you want to swop. I need to lay out all my patches and take photos - but I just don't get time.
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    Patches Swop / South Africa

    Hi all, I have more Metro EMS patches available now. Keen to swop for other badges.
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    Patches Swop / South Africa

    I'm based in Cape Town.
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    Patches Swop / South Africa

    Hi all, See attached file for 'patches' I have available. Let me know what you have and we can take it from there. Thanks. /Nick
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    Explaining MI

    Strangely enough, this is one of the questions he asked me, why do men have MORE pain than WOMAN.
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    Explaining MI

    I know that many times, many things to many Paramedics are very straight forward, but to some, it's not so straight forward and then finding a good way to explain it so he / she / they understand it and REMEMBER IT (FOREVER) is not so easy - many people grasp a concept so easily, others, well...
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    Explaining MI

    Hi all, I had a very interesting discussion with a 'newbie' EMT the other day, he is doing ride along shifts with me and my partner and I have to do alot of explaining to him with regards to medical related stuff which I really enjoy because sometimes I actually have to think about what I...
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    Mobile Apps

    Here in South Africa, we have a very popular program that has a big following, it's called (on Google Play Store) Emergency Medicine Guidance by TOMPSA. Check it out...
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    Are you allowed to release c-spine, and when?

    In South Africa, basics and intermediates are not allowed to clear C-Spine - Even if we could, I wouldn't, I'd rather let a doctor or a x-ray clear it.
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    Manual wanted urgently

    Hi all, Thanks for the assistance. As per OP, I mentioned I e-mailed Atom and they got their South African division to send me the manual. I got it but really did appreciate all the assistance. If anyone wants the manual as well (for whatever reason) I'll forward it on.
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    Manual wanted urgently

    I don't know if you're trying to be difficult or not - I was at that page, if you try goto the links (especially the 1st one) then it's errors "file not found"
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    Manual wanted urgently

    Did that, no success - I honestly would not start a thread here if I wasn't struggling to find it. I even e-mailed Atom Medical asking for the manual but yeah, I doubt they will even reply.
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    Manual wanted urgently

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the manual or book or whatever for the Atom Syringe Pump S-1235. We use it on the ICU ambulance, obviously, we know how to use it, but there is a few settings that I'd like to know what they do / provide etc. Basically, I'm just keen to figure it out a little more...
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    Can you sleep OTJ?

    I don't sleep on duty - sometimes I take a nap but generally I don't because if I do and then I wake up - I'm very grumpy - so I avoid this by not.
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    Tell Me and I Will Forget (Paramedic Documentary)

    I hate how the Netcare 911 guys talk about the government services in this doc as well as the state of the country - it's BS guys! It's not as bad as they say! p1ssed me right off! :angry: