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  1. wyoskibum

    New/paramedic to be biggest fears :s

    Dogs. Not all dogs, just the little yap yap ankle biting ones!!! ;-D
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    Verified Vendor Program

    I would love to have the opportunity to let folks know about the four mobile apps that I have developed.
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    Bates Composite Toe-Thoughts?

    Twenty years in EMS and haven't even come close to needing steel/composite toe boots. Maybe if I was a construction worker......
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    Glide Scope

    Depends That is really a question for your Medical Director. I know in my service, we have two devices shared by four ambulances. If we have an RSI job, we call for the supervisor who has one of the glidescopes. Usually, I will have my IV access and drugs drawn up and ready by the...
  5. wyoskibum

    Radio Reports - Chicago

    It really depends on the hospital. A couple of hospitals that I transport to want a patch regardless. One of the hospitals do not want a patch unless it is a priority 1 or 2 patient. If you have any questions, have your Medical director contact the hospital and ascertain their preference
  6. wyoskibum

    DNR/Advanced Directivies.

    Depends on which state you are in. In the wake of the Terry Shivo situation quite a few years back, some states changed their laws to allow the family to supersede DNRs. If you have ant doubt, look up you state statutes.
  7. wyoskibum

    What are the Best Paramedic Schools in the US? And are any of these near good skiing?

    Weber State University Ogden, Utah Accredited, certificate or associate degree Close to all of the Utah Ski Areas 4 hours to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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    Iphone and Ipod Apps ...

    eMedic ERG Pro RSI Wizard PQR - Pedi Quick Reference
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    Need career advice

    Go to college and get an undergraduate degree while you're young. You will more options and a brighter future if you do.
  10. wyoskibum

    "The ambulance drivers are here"

    Can't we all get along?? If you have someone calling you an "Ambulance Driver" and you take offense, then you should offer some positive corrective feedback before starting to call RN's "Butt Wipers". I would take the person aside and say: "FYI, some EMT's and Paramedic might be offended if...
  11. wyoskibum

    Police response to EMS calls

    On my 911 job, the police are the designated first responders. Most are EMT-B's with a few EMR.
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    New old guy

    You are only as old as you look..... Or is it as old as you feel?? I was 42 when I started Paramedic school after 15+ years in EMS as EMT-B and EMT-I. Don't let age hold you back. Only you know what you are capable of.
  13. wyoskibum

    "The ambulance drivers are here"

    don't sweat the small stuff.... Seriously, when I'm working my IFT job, I feel like an ambulance driver. Especially since most of the jobs are BLS, so if I'm on the ambulance, I drive.
  14. wyoskibum

    Distance to Hospital

    It's not about what calls you are missing. It's not about the system. It's about your duty to act. EMS can be feast or famine. You can be idle for hours on end or the :censored: can hit the fan. While I have compassion for my patients and I have nothing but their best interest in mind. My...
  15. wyoskibum

    Dealing with kids

    More than a taxi ride Whenever I have a patient that isn't being very descriptive of their problem, I will try and dig deeper by asking more questions. Does it hurt all over your tummy or is it just in one spot? Can you point to the exact location of your pain? Is it constant or does it...
  16. wyoskibum

    Distance to Hospital

    It's okay to say no.... Just be nice about it. If they are sick enough to call 911 and request ambulance transport, then they should go to the closest appropriate hospital. In addition to the insurance question that has been raised, what about resource management. Is okay to take an ambulance...
  17. wyoskibum

    Just wanted to say hey to a fellow Wyoming Medic. I did EMS in Wyo for 16 years before moving...

    Just wanted to say hey to a fellow Wyoming Medic. I did EMS in Wyo for 16 years before moving to East Coast.
  18. wyoskibum

    Who has their CHL?

    Wyoming now allows carry concealed without a permit.
  19. wyoskibum

    the 100% directionless thread

    Don't get an eCollar because you always shock Vtach! ;-D
  20. wyoskibum

    C.H.A.R.T.E.D - What does it stand for?

    Not true... There is the standard/universal CHART method and then there are many variations.