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  1. Foxbat

    Your first code

    The first code I witnessed was a male in his 40's who had an apparent MI. He was awake and talking when we arrived. In the ER he went into cardiac arrest when the doctor tried to cardiovert him. The ER staff let us (the EMS crew) stand nearby and watch the cardioversion, for my educational...
  2. Foxbat

    How to force myself to quit EMS

    I considered it, but it's not one agency. I have this problem at various agencies, although to different degrees. The common denominator here seems to be me. California is a head above most states when it comes to VFDs. In most VFD's around the country there's no CPAT and really no entrance...
  3. Foxbat

    How to force myself to quit EMS

    No. I don't want to be another example of "those who can, do; those who can't, teach". No, I am sober. I kind of feel like getting drunk, but drinking to feel better would be a bad idea... I was never hired. I volunteer. Unfortunately, it's very easy to become one. If you have a clean...
  4. Foxbat

    How to force myself to quit EMS

    I know I need to get out of EMS. Probably out of fire service also. The reason for it is, I know I am not good at any of these two. I have been doing both for years, and I know my co-workers/co-volunteers don't trust me (in a professional sense, not in a personal). I know I am not confident at...
  5. Foxbat

    So I have a bad driving record...

    Wow. How is this even legal?
  6. Foxbat

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    So... Did you manage to keep the pt. aroused?
  7. Foxbat

    If they had certificates in fantasy worlds

    The old, gray-haired wizard smiled and looked at the dragon fighter candidate. “Welcome to Stofferkrim, Mr. Dragonslayer. So you moved here from Roamfolk, if I recall correctly?” “Yes, sir. My family and I moved here, so I…” “Perfectly understandable. I looked at your resume, and it is very...
  8. Foxbat

    Delete American paramedics.

    I can see how having an MD on an ambulance can benefit many patients. From a patient standpoint, European system is awesome. However... Whether an intervention is done in the field on in the ER, the medications cost the same, supplies cost the same, and doctor's time costs the same (probably...
  9. Foxbat

    Study on Philadelphia Fire Department urges bold action to meet goals

    Canadians do not approve of this statement. And Japanese. And Singaporeans. And French. And Spanish. And Germans. And Irish. Do you have any data on response times in European vs American cities? Because SSM works so well in EMS. What evidence of their bias do you have, other than...
  10. Foxbat

    Worst names for an ambulance service...

    Speaking of bad color schemes... I have seen pics of fire-based ambulance service where all trucks were colored black with red stripes. I thought the era of hearsebulances was over like 40 years ago.
  11. Foxbat

    Well, there goes my career...

    Don't let anyone MMQB you... Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, it only takes one idiot driver to ruin everything. I wish you a full recovery. I hope you can continue to stay active in the field you love in some capacity or another. Have you thought about a career in fire or EMS...
  12. Foxbat

    the 100% directionless thread

    I am moving to another state for grad school for at least 2 years. I will be volunteering for a fire department there but they do absolutely no EMS. I will not have free time to do any EMS duties in addition to grad school and fire. I am going to miss EMS.
  13. Foxbat

    Ick factors

    I assume that patient did not survive?
  14. Foxbat

    My BIGGEST pet peeves

    "Ambulance ***, respond to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment at ****". A minute later: "Ambulance ***, police on scene requests to expedite". Oh, it's a good thing they told us to expedite. Before that, we were going to stop at Walmart to get some groceries, but now that you told us to...
  15. Foxbat

    Bad call

    Probably would also include incineration and being frozen (as in actually frozen solid from exposure), at least that's what PA protocols say...
  16. Foxbat

    Killing Your Patients

    What's interesting is that I heard Russian EMS providers (physicians and physician assistants mostly) often criticizing US EMS precisely for "load and go" approach for life-threatening conditions, including major trauma. They basically say "paramedics over there are trying to transport unstable...
  17. Foxbat

    County grand jury issues scathing report on fire departments

    Because, unlike these union thugs, grand jury obviously knows how many firefighters are really needed to fight a fire. I mean, firefighting is really simple, anyone is an expert in it :rolleyes:
  18. Foxbat

    IV tubing art

    This must be an ex-USSR thing, at least I couldn't find anything like this when I googled it in English :) Anyway, here's what you can do with some old IV tubing and a lot of free time on your hands: I remember these from when I was in a hospital as a kid.
  19. Foxbat

    EMS with a language barrier

    Hopefully people in these countries aren't sue-happy enough to charge you with something for touching a conscious patient without his verbal consent :)
  20. Foxbat

    Unexpected EMT Visit Prompts Wilkinsburg Man To Fire Gun

    What if the police officer who yells "stop!" and then tries to arrest you on the street is an impersonator? What if the cruiser who is pulling you over is "fake"? For all intents and purposes, these are kidnapping attempts, just shoot the (possibly) bad guys, right?